Itqan Sports Day – TRIPLETS plus ONE
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Itqan Sports Day

February 19, 2011

As i mentioned in my previous post, sadly i miss my kids’ first Sports Day 🙁

Good thing syauQi took some videos so i roughly know how the event was. Itqan has primary school, thus their Sports Day combine with the big brothers n sisters.

Athirah is still down with runny nose, she didnt join the race as she went later with  my sister. Both of them are in the Blue House

hArith waited at the Blue Tent for the event to start,

Getting in line for the march past

syauQi took a video of the march past, amazing to see how well behave hArith was in the line. I wonder if athirAh ade will she be in line ke akn jln sesuka hati

hArith’s team won in this event, The Flower Race. hArith being the boy who like to do housework took his own sweet time susun bunga tu dgn penuh semangat. Org lain cucuk2 je, die cucuk dgn penuh teliti. I was telling syauQi, mujur die tak cabut yg kawan die dh cucuk and do a proper flower arrangement..hihi

Ha yg ni dah macam YB lah pulak, siap angkat tgn kt org ramai, haha

athirAh came later, somehow she couldnt fit in her sports tshirt, so ended up pakai her uniform. Seluar pulak, bile nk kuar umah tekencing dlm suar, so tukar suar biasa. Pastu she insists nak pakai her rainy boots. Ended up my sis kate die macam peladang. Tgk peladang sudah turun padang

A close up of the peladang

The primary students ade archery event, since it is an Integrated Islamic School thus the have the Sunnah sports

Looking at the videos syauQi took, it remind me so much of my IIUM days, the MC spoke in two languages, english and arabic. After the march past, they did their Sports Pledge and sang Asma Ul Husna. Sedap je dgr the MC speaks in arabic…i hope my kids can speak like that one day. I ni 6 tahun kat IIUM ended up tak reti pun ckp arab, oh shame on me, padahal my course we had to do full level arabic. Terkial2 dulu mase exam arab for speaking…teketar2 nk cakap bahasa arab.

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