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Itqan's School Excursion

February 16, 2011

Being in confinement it makes me miss out on few of my kids’ very first. 2 weeks back, hArith had his very first school excursion. They went to the fire station. Athirah didnt go as she was down with fever.

When i saw the memo they were going to the fire engine, my heart jumps…i was excited for hArith coz he always wanted to see the fire truck.

My mom went along coz hArith just recovered from runny nose thus i wanted to minimize his contact with the other friends. Thus, instead of riding the bus with his friends, mom drove him to the fire station.

He surely had a great time. They even ride the fire engine with the siren on towards the end of the ride. Oh now i wish i was there to ride along! hihi

Here are few photos mom managed to take

a lil briefing, they were even taught what to do if ur shirt caught fire

psst..hArith is wearing hat from okinokiyo 😉

The school have 4 excursion a year. I wonder where will they be going for the next 3 trips.

This saturday, they will be having their Sport Day. Yup my kids’ very first Sports Day, and i gonna miss this memorable moment AGAIN. This is sad. SAD. Period 🙁

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  1. ni Integrated Islamic School cam Adni tu ke?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup something like Adni tp i tak sure Adni ade preschool tak


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