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FRIM: our must-go-during-school-holiday

June 23, 2013

I just renewed my domain and hosting and of coz it hit me once again…why am i paying yearly fees but yet my blog left unupdated. How i wish i can just babble it orally and the computer type all the words out for me. If that can be done… i wont have problem updating my blog often. hahaha

Life has been very hectic, almost 2 months without maid. And im often on the road to do sending and fetching. In between the sending fetching we be home just enough time to settle the kids for their next drop off and to perform my solat. More often that not i did not have the time to grab my lunch. But I’m okay alhamdulillah. I’m not complaining. Just giving excuses for not updating my blog. haha

So far we dont have plan to take new maid. We have our reasons, but major problem would be logistic. I dont deny that with syauqi not being around often, we do need the extra help. but i feel that the maid are doing more “harm” than good. We want to be strict with uzair’s diet but couple of times i caught the maid giving him RAW SUGAR, with reaason “dia nak cik”. The maid feels that’s the solution to avoid him having tantrum bile tak dapat. Again and again i told her not to do so but yet again and again i caught that happen. And i believe there are a lot more other things uzair not suppose to be eating / doing, but its happening behind my back “supervised” by the maid. We are desperate to help uzair thus i feel the best way is to have him under my nose all the time. There is no one else for him to runaway to when he doesnt get his way with me. Previously if he throws tantrum, whenever i ignore him, the maid will come and soothe him with the things he is not supposed to be having. Now that we are without maid, i feel that he is more attentive to the other family members in the house. Ade lah heran skit dgn orang lain in the house. Oh he is definitely much much more attach to the dad now. However, problem occurs when places i need to go/attend but cant bring along the kids with me while syauqi is not around (i.e school report day, Talk by school teacher / doctor ect) . Perhaps i should get number for babysitting services, for me to call when there is a need. hihi . Oh there are times i get my sister hana to help me jaga Uzair. Yes, indirectly im getting my family involved in Uzair’s road to recovery. At least i can be very sure my sister wont feed uzair with “forbidden” food. Now that we dont have maid, i notice he “interacts” with others more. He started pulling his Pah’s and Tuk Ki’s hand to indicate what he wants. Thats exactly why i choose not to have maid. I want him to interact with other people in the house more. It’s my “conspiracy” to get everyone involved in helping Uzair out of his bubble. Inshaa Allah

Speaking of babysitting, during the school holiday my friend offered me to bring elder 2 out so i can have a breather.Very very thoughtful of her. Well it is not so much of the breather that i wanted, but there are times t i feel im pulling my elder 2 back. Slowing their pace…because there are places they wish to go and things they wish to do but i cant bring them; places that high tendency for Uzair to have his meltdown. When my babyhood friend, Ayu offered to bring elder 2 out and i knew how much they love lego, i suggested her Bangsar Village where they had free play of Lego at the ground floor concourse. She sent me photos if them and oh boy, i felt like crying.Sorry kids if i have not bring you to places that could further enhance your development. We are trying our best to balance your needs and Uzair’s need. And of coz Uwais’ as well.

Elder 2 surely had a good time with Auntie Ayu…they were telling me stories till the very last minute they close their eyes that night. After Bangsar Village, Ayu brought them to her house, so sambung main kat rumah, complete with snack petang, sambung main at playgroud too. A complete day for the kids. Ayu’s son, Bilal is just a year younger than them. They click really well, alhamdulillah.

We didnt go anywhere during the recent school holiday as syauqi’s roster was pretty hectic. But we managed to bring the kids to FRIM. It is like a-must-to-go every school holiday. This time around we we invited Auntie Ayu to join us. And towards the end, we had Kazim and Kareem joining us. We had this big float, a gift on elder 2’s birthday 2 years back. Never had the chance to use it so we decided to bring it along. Jenuh gak lah nak mengangkut the float naik atas. But seeing the joy in the kids’ face…worth the effort of carrying it up. Best moment was when uzair join them too.



Uzair spining the rest





Oh lesson learnt, next time tak payah nak angkut the kids’ change of clothes up…turun je basah2 and change kat bawah. Less things to be carried up next time. Oh we brought a mini bbq pit and had sausage up there. Tgh syok splashing in the cold water, then take a break makan hot sausage. Perfect 🙂




It really doesnt necessarily to have it fancy but good enough for the kids to enjoy. At least the kids have something to remember when they grow up “…when we were little, mommy and papa would bring us to the FRIM waterfall every school holiday” ihihi . Oh we found another gem for the kids. I shall save that for another entry 🙂

What we love most about FRIM is that, its only 10-15 minutes drive from our house and parking is not an issue. We dont need to walk far to reach the waterfall. And most importantly, its kids friendly. Not too much stone that makes it unsafe for the kids to walk about.

*photos taken using the phone camera


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