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Does essential oil cure autism?

September 8, 2017

Lately i have people asking me, so does Young Living essential oil cure autism?

Well, it doesnt but it helps in so many ways. For instance, my boy used to spend half of the time of his therapy session to settle down. So instead of an hour session, only 20-30 minutes were spent doing therapy. But now, he enters the session, well seated and straight away start with the therapy. Well dont you think an hour session makes a lot different than 20-30minutes of crying before therapy session? When a child is much calmer, he / she benefits more from the session. Do you know that uzair has Special Aide teacher comes in Tues-Fri for 2 hours (3-5pm) for 1:1 session, and he has no problem to stay focus through out , despite after a whole morning in school 9-1230pm.

It used to be a battle to get Uzair to bed. He used to sleep only 4-5 hours a day. and now he gets 7-8 hours of sleep.Dont u think a body function better with adequate sleep?

Going out can be tiring and frustrating with a meltdown child. The stares we get, the whispered we saw and the remarks we overheard. Its heartbreaking. But now, a calm meal, in a restaurant, without stares, without stress, without judgment….is a testament to how much Uzair’s behavior has improved. SubhanAllah!

Few weeks back, Uzair had KC session after Jiey Wan Aziz‘s child. Jiey stayed on awhile and was simply impressed at how Uzair responded to KC. Previously ,we  had to get Uzair to sit on the ikea highchair just so he couldnt escape (though he was a big boy then 7 years old). But now, calmly seated on a chair and hey look at that eye contact he showed! Mashaa Allah!

It is definitely not an overnight process. Uzair has been a Young Living user for close to 3 years. So dont say “I have tried before but i dont see any difference” but upon asking, “how long did u use?” – “few months”. “What oils did you use?” – “I google and see pinterest” . Well there is more than just google and pinterest, understand the oils and get proper guidance :). The oils work wonders.

For someone with sensory issue, having plastic over him, hair falling on him was a big no no. A hairdresser had a big cut before while giving him a haircut. Now, he smiles through out the hair cut. Mashaa Allah!

Hari Raya are now pleasant too. We no longer have him screaming crying refusing to wear baju melayu. Happily playing around during Hari Raya.

Autism is a spectrum, we gotta peel layer by layer . Tackle one layer at a time. Each layer, with different oil.

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