The wonderful thing about children is that they are all unique and different. While some sessions can be as quick as thirty minutes with some little darlings, sessions generally take 1 – 2 hours with most. I believe in being sensitive to your children’s cue to get the best out of our photo session. It is also important to first spend some time to get to know my little subjects and get them to warm up to the camera.

As all parents know, the best time for anything is when your lil’ ones are feeling god. So it is best to consider a time when your child is usually happiest and not supposed to take a nap. It is a challenge to get a child to laugh and play when all she really wants is to sleep!

The best time to photograph newborns are in their early days, between the first and second week of life. Working with precious and delicate beings, it is most comfortable and favorable for babies to be in quiet and peaceful environments. I request that our newborn photography sessions be conducted in such an environment with only parents and child. This is to encourage calm, comfort and creativity for precious newborn, parents and photographer for best newborn portraiture.

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