hmm…clueless for the title – TRIPLETS plus ONE

hmm…clueless for the title

February 12, 2007

Well, I guess I should have known better not to give my sister, hana the honour of writing the first post for this blog. But on the other hand, I should have known better and foresee what she gonna write, I must be out of my mind if I were to expect nice pleasant words from her. Seriously, I can’t wait for it to be her turn to get pregnant and see what her behaviour is then. Currently, even not being pregnant, she already has this constant demand of things. She doesn’t even realise it until her boyfriend told her, but yet she refused to believe the fact. Oh, she mentioned I demanded for the expensive things, but she didn’t mention the fact that I actually said, even being offered 10k for shopping I would decline it because I prefer being at home. Alrite, enough about her….

Seriously, I never expect being pregnant is this bad. But some people say, it is all luck. I really salute to those pregnant mommies who are still strong and capable to go to work and do their normal daily chores. (Yup, I send in my resignation letter the minute I was confirmed pregnant)In my case, I’m most of the time lying down. I get tired easily. As for going to the mall, my eyes would always look out for the nearest bench. The other day, I took my bath, searching for my most comfortable clothes and after combing my hair and all, I realised I was almost out of breath….I felt even tired doing the normal daily chores.

The other day I e-mail my friend in Germany to share my news, it was so nice to read her subject of the e-mail: Three Great Hopes for the World. Of cause I’m crossing my fingers for those words to turn into reality =)

Oh in case anyone wondering….according to Doctor, I’m in my 8 weeks of pregnancy.

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