Diapers time – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Diapers time

July 29, 2007

Wanted to update this earlier but had problem wiz internet connection. Mommy wants to share these great historical dates wiz both of you! The nurse gave mommy the opportunity to change your diapers. At first I was scared I might cause any disturbance to your tubing and wiring but the nurse assured me that it will be okay. I change Harith’s diapers first, it was on the 25th July. When mommy bukak ur pampers u only pee. There wasn’t any poo-poo. But the minute I bend down to take ur new pampers I heard u fart. So I said…wahhh u gave mommy a suprise. When I look at you, it wasn’t just a fart but u were making big business. Hmm, great present you had there for mommy!

Athirah pulak, the nurse offered to change your diaper few days later, on 28th July. Before opening your pampers I asked you, “So do you have the same suprise like what Harith gave me?” As I opened ur pampers, there wasn’t any big business but ngam ngam mommy nk place the new pampers, you wee-wee. Cepat2 I had to put back ur old pampers. Quite cheecky ah both of you. Then the nurse said, you must be happy having mommy to change ur diaper coz ur breathing was 100%.

Perhaps, pasni we get papa to do it =)

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