And more pictures… – TRIPLETS plus ONE

And more pictures…

March 22, 2008
Never too early to start…

Ni pulak, ustazah tengah pening…anak murid tak hafal ayat hafazan

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  1. bilekah agaknya anakandaku ini bisa dibawak begituuu huhu.

    cunnye athirah. ayu je lar rupa dia 😉


  2. alhamdulillah.. mmg dah baik skg. td p mkn pizza pn OK je, kalo x, sampai2 je mall tu mesti melalak.

    harith-athirah cucuk2 each other? hehe. cucuk geletek ke cane hihi cutenyeee


  3. lina:
    cucuk yang bahaya…takleh tinggalkn diorang berdua sebelah2. dgn mata yg tajam they would renung each other, trying to tell each other “hey get out of my way”

    good to hear Haify dh adapt with crowded surrounding =)


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