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Fun Time

March 7, 2008

Here’s a belated post on hArith and athirAh playgym classes. mOmmy and pApa decided to enroll our little ones for Little Crawler Programme at Kisports & Gym. So far they have attended 3 lessons including the free trial lesson. They seems to enjoy all the jumping and singing. Sampai kat rumah pun non-stop jumping, especially hArith. And since he’s getting heavier each day…mOmmy cannot carry you anymore =(. Cause he’ll start jumping and all he knows we will protect him from falling down. He jumps in all directions. Whenever someone else is carrying him and pApa comes approaching him and claps both hand sambil hulurkan tangan nak angkat die. He gets so excited, badan telompat2 to the extend that if we don’t hold him tight he might just slip. Oh very the dangerous…must beware when he sees his pApa at sight. Hold him tight!
About the gym class, it’s an hour session once a week. Wondering what do the kids do there? We sing and we golek2 =). Basically it is to help them with their social skill cause there will be other babies to mingle with and the o cause the main objective is for their physical development.
Especially for my babies, although they are turning 9 months soon (ohh…in fact, that’s tomorrow) but due to prematurity…tak sabar2 nak kuar tgk dunia (!), their actual corrected age is only 6 months. From the very first day after giving birth, doctors kept on reminding me that my babies will not progress like other babies but it will be according to their corrected age. Thus, to help them with their physical development, we decided to enroll them for the playgym lessons.
So far, they seems okay with the lesson. Right after the lesson finishes, they’ll demand for their milk and the moment we placed them back into their strollers, they are already in their dreamland…ZZZzzzZZzzzz…..
Well not only the babies get tired, mOmmy n pApa too. We have to carry and lambung2 them to the tune of the musics. Soon as mOmmy’s tummy gets bigger, I need to bring someone else along to do the activities with athirAh. pApa handles hArith.
Oh, after the second lessons, hArith was already familiar with the song. When pApa sings the song at home, he would be doing the same jumping jumping like he did during lesson. Wahh..picking up fast there boy.

Amazed with the bubbles…lets poke it!

Ek, didn’t know my gal ade skill Ziana Zain…angkat kening sebelah
cOme to mOmmy dear!

The bib is something essential, or else he’ll leave trail of his saliva

Larr,mOmmy suruh crawl lar…not fly
p/s: kenapa lar time pregnant yg teringin makan nenas lar, tapai, durian n all those NO NO food for pregnant moms?
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  1. auntie fadd: nanti bile mOmmy dlm pantang auntie bwk kami jalan2 kay. if not kesian kami, 40 hari dok umah tak ke mane2…


  2. wah bestnye the kids main2 kt class tu.

    oh i 4got to share… my siL, born premature @27/28weeks [cant rmmbr]. she’s now 21, enrolling geology @um. very tall, bright & pretty girl 😉


  3. sitilina:
    wah, good to hear a born premature baby doing well.

    but then again, she was 27weeks. doctors kate 26 and 27 makes lots of different. sbb in that one week lung would be develop. tu sbb if 27 weeks, average 2 bulan je dok hospital. mine smpai 4 bulan.

    then again, Allah works in various miracle way. Insya-Allah my babies will grow healthy and smart


  4. insya-Allah, it’s just the dr prediction & theory semata2. neway we donno when the conception occurs kan, maybe 26 or 27weeks doesnt make different since the calculation is from LMP, who now kalo ur conception occured earlier ke.. kan?

    sure you babies will grow well, healthy & smart. see how they;’re doing now la kan 😉


  5. munirahhhh that class mcm interesting sangat! tapi baby yg dah crawl je boleh enroll ke? one free trial session tuh bila dah roll in issit? harith dah besar la. athirah pun sweet je 🙂 u take care k?!


  6. sitilina:
    yup, basically it is doctors prediction and theory but I believe everything is in the hand of Allah, he can say “kun faya kun” and anything could happen.

    but basically mine confirm 26 weeks or maybe even less based on their lung, it wasn’t matured and develop yet. coz by 27th week dh patut matured. mase lahir2, the first thing doctor did was ask my mom sanggup bayar tak for vaccine tat cause a thousand plus per dosage to streghten their lung. N my mom was like “watever needed to be done, u hv my permission”

    my babies pun blum crawl, the instructor will guide us to do exercise that helps kuatkn their muscle to crawl. hArith is almost there.

    the free trial is b4 u enroll. u giv it a try and if u like it baru u enroll. in fact after the class, we can trus balik. if nak enroll dtg the following week. they wont like persuade u to join. they hv sunday class at 2pm for working parents.


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