Is this the end – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Is this the end

March 2, 2008
of mOmmy’s youthful life?
On Saturday I received a text msg inviting me to join Carisbrook Touch Rugby tournement. I was like…”alarrr I’m pregnant!” After replying to that msg it hit in my head. “Will I be able to have the same lifestyle like before?” Hmm…soon with 3 kids at home, will I even have time to have a run at the field? Initially after giving birth to my triplets I thought soon I’ll be able to do some runs. But just when I thought I’m ready to get myself back in shape, I discovered that I’m pregnant again. So there goes my plan…

my last tournament that I joined : 6 Nation Touch Rugby 2007

Hmm, starting July 2008 having three kids at home, I doubt it I can still have time for sports. Maybe I could…but only when my kids are no longer ‘babies’. But then again…by then, will I be fit enough to run around the field? I’ll have lotsa extra lemak at my tummy and I’ll be running as slow as a tortoise and people no longer welcome me on the field =(

Lets just hope that by having the babies at home, I’ll ended up having the same ammount of exercise coz I’ll be constantly chasing after all 3 of them.

Well,maybe I should look on the bright side. By the time my third child reaches 25 and assuming she/he will be done with his/her studies and already started working (no more dependent on pApa) I’m only 51 years. And by then pApa blum retire, so mOmmy can be lady of leisure follow pApa pegi keja. Yeah frequent holiday for mOmmy!!! (Insya-Allah, if murah rezeki).

So for now, lets not complain. Bersyukur lar dgn rezeki yang ade. But, hmmm… how come pApa can still have his usual badminton and futsal session? Eh, chop….what did i say just now about not complaining…..

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