June – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 27, 2008
We are back from our very first family out-station journey. There are lots to talk about and lots of photos to be uploaded. But it might take me some time to do so since I am still without a maid.
Oh by the way, June is coming. That’s even more for me to write about. June is such a historical month for me. Maybe I shall talk about that first….
Yup, among all the months in a year, June would be a month full of historical dates.
6th June 1997:
Oh, u know how those days back in school where as a couple, you actually declared that you are girlfren and boyfren…hehehe. Yeah, this was the date that syauQi and I did so…*blushing*. Yup we were together back since 1997, we were in form 3. A very First lOve for the two of us.
However we were more often away from each other. In Form 4, syauQi left for boarding skool, although not far away, yet that doesnt mean he can come home every week. If i’m not mistaken in form 4, through out the year, we met like about 4 times only, or was it 5? Same goes to form 5.

As school ended, I continued my studies in IIUM (PJ) while he went to Malacca for his Flying Academy. The year after, he was transferred to Kuching, Sarawak while i continued in IIUM, Gombak. And finally in 2002 he was back in KL. But then again, he was most of the time away working with average of 8 off days in a month. However we could only meet up if his off day falls on weekend, other than that handphones were our most used tools.

So basically since 1998 till 2002 we kind of had a long distance relationship. So who said distance relationship doesnt work? We are the living proof =)


23rd June 2004:
syauQi pop the question Eh, chop…it wasn’t a question-like proposal but more like a statement that he made. A statement informing me we r getting married. 😀
(oh, that would be another long story…)


3rd June 2005 :

We were no longer bachelor and bachelorotte. Al-hamdulillah, our akad nikah went well and we became husband and wife. about 400 guests came to witness our solemnization. My dad became man of the show. He overshadowed the Pak Imam coz he was the one that handled the akad, read the khutbah and also the dua’. That makes it more meaningful coz he composed the khutbah and dua’ himself (and of cause with the extra ingredients called loVe).

5th June 2005:

Our reception at Dewan Perdana Felda. Again, al-hamdulillah everything went well. (hmm…except that i wasn’t really happy with my tudung coz my baju was a full songket attire and it was very the tebal smpai nk bengkok kan tangan bentukkn tudung pun susah…syauQi said, that’s the most heaviest baju he ever worn…a full songket from head to toe)

6th – 9th June 2005:
Went for our honeymoon in bAli. Shopping was fun over there but the most unfortunate event took place. On our last night there, I’m not sure what I ate that caused a severe food poisoning attack. Nothing happened to hubby although we had the same exact dinner. Our plan to do our last shopping spree before heading to the airport had to be cancelled and I had to be pushed with the wheelchair to the plane. And even at KLIA again I was pushed by the wheelchair straight to the KLIA clinic. Couldn’t walk at all!

10th June 2005:
Had to be admitted at D’sara Specialist. Doctor diagnosed as viral fever. I told the doctor I can’t afford to be admitted coz I have a wedding the very next day. He thought I was going for a relative’s/ friend’s wedding, so he told me I have no choice but to skip it. But I was like “No, I can’t skip it…it’s MY wedding” (yup, my wedding at hubby’s side!!!) I still needed to be admitted coz I’m almost dehydrated and I needed the drips. So doctor said he’ll give me ‘time-out’ tomorrow to enable me to attend MY wedding.

11th June 2005:
At 12:30pm, excuse myself from the hospital and rushed home to get dress. Mak andam was already at my house ready to do my make-up. I still had my intravenous tube at my hand, but without the drip bag. Didn’t take out the tube coz it is always very hard to find my vein. Doing it up to 5 times cucuk to cari my vein is a norm! Record so far the most was 11 times poking my hand to search for my vein. So wouldn’t want to go through that again.

Reached hubby’s house at 2pm.Unfortunately I look very pale at MY very own wedding. I was there for not even 2 hrs. Rushed back to the hospital cause I couldn’t take the heat. By 3:45pm I was already dressed in my pyjamas, on the hospital bed. Hubby had problem answering to guests’ questions “mane bini ko?”. As i rushed back to the hospital, he stayed on to entertain guests and ended up most of the photo session was just him and his family members without the bride =(.


9th June 2007:
Gave an early birth to my miracles babies at only 26 weeks of gestation. Unfortunately hubby wasn’t around, he was in Melbourne. We then became a proud parents to ahmAd hArith, aleSya zAra and athirAh zAhraa.

Our miracle bAbies: hArith was 760gram and athirAh was 600gram

11th June 2007:
aleSya returned to Allah at 1:17pm due to her health complication.


3rd June 2008:
It will be our 3rd year anniversarry =)

9th June 2008:
hAppy 1 year old to my dArlings!!! and soon another junior will be joining us =)

Al-hamdulillah, they are now growing well and healthy

Lots of dates aight? Mcm blaja sejarah lar pulakk…hihihi. With all the historical meaningful events that took place in June, I think it is a good reason to celebrate the month.

It will be 3 years since we tied the knot and 11 years since we realized we love each other. Till now, the love still grows strong, even stronger with the presence of our little ones. We might be too occupied with our little rascals to even utter the word “I Love You” to each other, but even without saying it…that is something we are very sure of. =)

03.06.05: We tied the “knot”

Discovering life together

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  1. lots of dates tp tarikh dekat2,bole celebrate sekali..save budget..hehe..mine,sume bulan lain,cume my baby birth date same dgn the day we declared as a couple..kebetulan..


  2. yayayes:
    thanks. first time i bejaua buat “subject sejarah” jadi interesting to read…hihi

    wah bday aiman same ngan date declared..tat’s a cool coincidence


  3. munirah, i love this post of yours. no doubt u two lovebirds are so MFEO (meant for each other) 🙂 more happy years ahead of you..and Happy Advance anniversary!


  4. ya..agree agree..u guys are so MFEO..congratulations 4 ur 3rd anniversary..u r so lucky and im very happy 4 u 🙂


  5. Hai! Ok you are so my inspiration now! Who says highschool love won’t sampai till marriage. You’re a living proof. =) Love love love reading your blog. =D


  6. inora putri:
    hi there!
    well looking back…i couldnt believe myself tat we made it since high skool…especially bila kami jln2 kat mall n see high skool kids dating2, dlm hati sure kate, “ish bdk sekolah pun nk dating2″….padahal tat was how me n hubby 11 years ago…hahahahah


  7. I think I should call you kak, since I’m younger. Hee. =) Anyway, yea, like I said, you’re my inspiration cum role model, ecey, now, with watching over the twins and the baby boy, wow, gile hectic. I don’t know how you survived. Well, I guess thats what being a mom is all about kan? Being a mom baru tau what our mom punye pengorbanan semua. =).

    Oh and btw, Harith is adorable! and and ofcourse Aleeya ( kang die jealous pulak ) too. And the last one sangat chomell. =) Take care kak. Much happinest to you and your family.


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