How it happen… – TRIPLETS plus ONE

How it happen…

July 20, 2008

As i mentioned in my previous post, I suspected I was having contraction cause the interval was consistent every 7 mins however I didn’t want to head to the hospital yet since I didnt want to be in the labour room tooo long.

So sempat lagi before pegi hospital bgtau hubster me want to eat durian. heheh. He went out to buy it and I ate 4 ulas (or was it 5?), we were joking around “kang anak kuar2…nangis bau durian”…hihihi

After eating durian, off we went to the hospital. I could still tolerate the pain but since it was a Saturday we decided to go to the hosp early fearing it might take some time for the nurse to call the doctor.

We reached the hosp, it was my first time at the ward…told the nurse at the counter “nak beranak” (i wanna giv birth)…sume cam confused. They asked me, am i in pain? i said “yes, every 7 mins”. They send me to the labour room and observe my contraction. It was every 5mins then. Thus they started calling the doctor, Prof Siti Zawiyah. When prof arrived, she checked and told me i was bout 3 – 4cm open. And in usual scenario it will take at least 4 hours for it to open maximum thus she said, “i just picked my daughter from school, i’ll send her home and come back”.

Oh, looks like my case wasn’t the usual scenario. In less than 2 hours, i was already 8cm open. Nurses tried contacting Prof but no reply (apparently she put her phone on a low volume coz she was conducting a seminar that morning). Thus it was the midwife that “greet” my baby into this world. Prof came just after my boy pops out, so she took over to kuarkn my uri and did my stiches down south. Midwife cut my down south bout 4 cm coz size of the baby was rather big.

Hubster was wiz me all the time…not only he stood beside me, he went over beside the midwife to see how things are being done. In fact I was actually reminding myself to be strong and make my labour go as smooth as possible fearing hubster would tell others how terrible I was during labour. Malu lar kn if nanges or tejerit2 cam hesteria, kang org tanye hubster how was it and all those terjerit2 n nanges2 revealed. So I tried my very best to make hubster be able to tell others a smooth sailing labour process (hmm,I wonder did I succeed in doing so…)

Oh, I didn’t take epidural, I took entonox(laughing gas). While using it, i was actually ‘composing’ my blog . Telling myself what to write about my labour… hehe. I was saying…” oh this must be the feeling of ‘high – out of the world’ that drugs addict seek for. but after awhile as I became too ‘high’ i was like “oh gosh what’s so great of being high”… it’s a kind of feeling that you yourself can’t control, in which I didn’t like it. I was afraid I became too high that I wont be able to treasure the moment when my boy pops out. I really wanted to let go the gas mask I was holding but I had a second thought “what if I then can’t bear the pain?..should i or should i not let it go”. Well, I did let it go for few seconds. It was rather immediate that I felt I’m back to the reality world. And the pain felt rather immediate I put on the mask again and telling myself..oh the gas won’t bring me away to the lala land that far since the moment i took it off im back to the real world. Thus the moment I saw my baby’s head, I immediately took the mask off so I could hear the cry of my baby.

Oh what a wonderful moment. My previous pregnancy I couldnt hear by triplets’ cry coz they were extreme premie, so this time around it was a first time experience for me. I asked my hubster to rub my back each time contraction happened. Another thing, through out the labour period, i was feeling extremely hot. Infact I was sweating. Hubster had to use a clipboard to fan me. He blame on the durian but I don’t think durian was the culprit coz during my previous labour I had a stand fan right infront of me too. And talking about durian, fortunately the baby’s cry didn’t have any durian smell but after being transfered to a different room…the gas really made me feel nausea. Unfortunately nurse didn’t come in time to give me a container to vomit…i vomitted on the floor….and the whole place smell durian!!!! Yuckksss, kantoi lar pulak.

The delivery makes me recall bout my first delivery. Oh couldn’t believe myself how did I do it without the presence of my hubster. Maybe because Allah knows hubster not around, thus he gave me the extra strength needed, and now since hubster ade…Allah gave me the privillege of being ngada ngada…hihihi. I really did squeeze his hand to ‘transmit’ the pain I was feeling.

All in all, two things I will treasure:
One: The moment I saw my boy’s head and heard his cry
Two: The kisses on my forehead that I received from my dear syauQi after my boy pops out.

Oh what a wonderful moment =)
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