Day 2: Without pApa – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Day 2: Without pApa

August 20, 2008

My two lil rascals had a blast splashing waters today. I placed their small pool on the grass (that’s what we usually do) but just few minutes after they started splashing water it started to drizzle. So I decided to bring the pool to the patio. They like it even more because they could climb out of the pool and started crawling everywhere. They couldn’t do this if it was on the grass cause they didn’t like the texture of the grass….tajam2.

So it was freedom to them when I placed the pool at the patio. But I was a lil worried that they might slip and knock their head on the floor since it was slippery. All eyes were on them takut they slip. They were really enjoyed themselves. Could see the glow in their eyes when I didn’t restrict their movement. ‘They even took the garden stone and place it in their pool. And as usual, they keep each other company. Although they have a pool each, they still prefer to be in one pool together. The two pools become their obstacle; they will climb from one pool to another…tertonggeng tonggeng diorang.

Well, I’ll let the photos do the talking now…

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  1. uih.. comelnya Harith n Athirah.. nama anak saya Athirah gak.. hihi..

    saya 1st timer ni.. 🙂

    cuma nak habaq, cantek laman.. hihi.. 🙂

    (lg satu,yg mana Harith, yg mana Athirah..? saya cam salah sorang tu rambut cacak-cacak.. tatau sapa..hihi)



  2. zuhaini:
    hi, welcome to my babbles =)
    hi rmbut cacak2 tu hArith, athirAh dgn gembiranye selalu tarik rambut hAeith..hihi

    mamayan & fadzila:
    hArith n athirAh "thanks auntie =)"


  3. comelnya tgk diorang merangkak..
    nampak hantap badan dua2 ni…
    mmg munirah tak yah gi slim world..

    my fatimah amani merangkak dgn satu kaki lagi menyeret..
    memula risau,
    alhamdulillah dah boleh jalan ni elok berjalannya..
    tak sabar nak tgk harith n athirah berjalan gak..


  4. rafiza:

    mmg pejal badan diorang ni.

    err sape2 yg teringin go ‘slim world’ for free marilah amiq tender jaga diorang…hihihi
    penat nk ikut diorang gi rata2, dah lar tak tau takut…main redah je.

    my sis in-law punye anak2 pun dulu merangkak satu kaki menyeret tp ok je bila dah start jln.


  5. mmg penatle munirah
    anak sorang pun dah terkejar2

    hari tu pegi klinik 7.30pg dah sampai.. fatimah amani boleh round satu klinik dgn dahi bertampal koolfever..tgn pulak ke blkg ala2 pengarah klinik.. nurse2 tegur: ni demam ke tidak nih???

    mcmmana ek you overcome penat preggie sambil jaga lagi 2 org dulu..?
    preggie kali ni terukla..tak habis lagi morning sickness walau dah masuk 2nd trimester.. tambah sakit gusi lagi.. munirah dulu ada tak? bila complaint kat dentist, dia kata mmg 2nd preggie biasa lagi teruk..tapi tu mgkin kata2 dia nak neutralkan my feeling yang miserable sbb demam smpai seminggu lebih ni…


  6. rafiza:
    alhmadulillah Allah gave me strength mase 2nd pregnancy. maybe sbb my first pregnancy was triplet…so bile dah single pregnancy tu it was sooo much better than triplet.

    another thing, the kids kept me going. sbb tak smpai hati nak biar diorang main sorang2.

    pasal sakit gusi tu..its an indication u tak cukup calcium, coz the baby in u taking most of ur nutirtion. i dulu everytime berus gigi sure gusi darah. so doctor increase my calcium tablet. do talk to ur gynae.


  7. your kids are extremely adorable.

    to me you are one great mommy lah because you’re able to take care 3 little babies. sungguh mengkagumkan.



  8. shila:
    hArith and athirAh “thanks auntie shila”

    well seriously at times i think i fail at taking care 3 babies, there are period where i would feel so helpless, especially at nite when babies taknk tido.
    nway thanks for ur kind words, i’ll take that as motivation and encouragement =)


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