Day 3 : Without pApa – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Day 3 : Without pApa

August 21, 2008
3rd day without pApa + 3 babies = Sleep Deprived

uZAir decided to do qiamulail last night. I slept at about 11-ish and was awaken by uZAir’s cry at 2:20am. Started feeding him but that did not put him back to sleep. I even heat up the EBM hoping that if I give him one shot skaligus banyak it would put him to sleep but I was wrong. He wanted to be cradled all night long. At 5:50am (yes uZAir still refused to go to sleep) athirAh woke up. I gave her milk but she didn’t want to drink. I was very zombie by then and hArith decided to join the 3 of us. It was 6:20 and all 3 were awake. I kept athirAh occupied by playing wiggles on You Tube but hArith wasn’t interested (in fact hArith doesn’t seem to like any TV programme).

It was almost 7am and my maid has completed her morning chores so she took hArith and athirAh to play with their toys in the living room. I send uZAir to my mom since she has finished her Subuh prayer. At last, at 7am I went to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn’t have my beauty sleep for long coz at 8:30, uZAir was back with me (and still wide awake!) cause my mom has plans that morning with her friends. uZAir wanted to be carried all the time or else he will cry out loud. So basically I had just few hours of sleep. And it was just impossible to sleep during the day…and I find it amazing that I could still function normally 😉

Of cause I was sleepy (and still sleepy), but after reading a link my friend placed in her blog…I suddenly feel energetic and fully recharge. Basically this was the highlight of the link:

In addition, Anas relates this hadith from al Tabarani:Sallama, the nurse to the Prophet’s (sallalahu aleyhi wa salaam) son Ibrahim said, ‘O Messenger of God, you have brought tidings of all good things to men, but not to women.’ He said, ‘Did your women friends put you up to asking me this question?’ ‘Yes, they did,’ she replied, and he said,’ Does it not please any one of you that if she is pregnant by her husband and he is satisfied with that, she receives the reward of one who fasts and prays for the sake of Allah? And when her labor pains come, no one in the heavens or the earth knows what is concealed in her womb to delight her? And when she delivers, not a mouthful of milk flows from her, and not a suck does she give, but that she receives, for every mouthful and every suck the reward of one good deed. And if she is kept awake at night by her child, she receives the reward of one who frees seventy slaves for the sake of Allah.’”

The article talks about breastfeeding too =)

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  1. hi there! being a mother is 24-7-365 work maa…mmg x cukup tidonyer lah, tp seronok jgk.kalo we all yg keje ni maybe leh nap during lunchbreak (tak jgk sbb nak pump)but as u’re SAHM, dpt agak jgklah camne..lucky those mums yg ada outstation,at least leh dpt 1-2 nights ‘full’ sleep kan?

    so redha n ikhlas (huhuu…kdg2 time moody tu, hangin jgk) baru dpt pahala!


  2. salzahari:
    fuhh finally ade gak org paham tat SAHM can be more tiring. most pppl kate working mom lagi penat coz they think i kat rumah bleh bgn lmbat and goyang2 kaki kot. but the truth is like u said, we dont even have a fix lunch break. nk makan and solat pun tekejar2.

    neeza :
    tat was exactly wat i felt after reding the hadith tu sbb i decided to share wiz all moms out there =)


  3. thanx for sharing the hadith.

    anyway it reminds me of hariz during my pantang days. He refused to sleep and akan tido bila pukul 6am. i mmg jadi burung hantu dahh. sakit2 badann. isk2.

    i know u can do it.


  4. hanis:
    thanks for the word of encouragement.
    well at least u get to sleep after 6am, i ni after 6am…need to attend to hArith and athirAh pulak

    mmg sejuk kn bila baca this hadith =)


  5. Hi munirah, tergezut u dah tak private ur blog, anyway supermom, i got 1 question. where did u bought the pool ball? i’m interested lah…


  6. yaya:
    hi there! the pool ball i beli online kat mmg efficient ah, in 2 days i dpt the item.
    the balls i beli kat toys r us =)


  7. yeayy dah tak private!!!
    mase memula u private i was quite kuciwa sbb i really love to read abt ur twins.but i still keep ur link at my blog and hoping someday u’ll add me in. hehehhehe
    anyway, harith and athirah dah besar. got new adik too..
    definitely will ‘stalk’ ur blog everyday lepas ni. LOL


  8. nanoor:
    welcome back! hihi
    lar mane i tau u been reading, tu tak add u mase it was private.
    nway, hAppy reading my babbles 😉


  9. salam mommy of triplets! used to be ur silent reader until u privatekan ur blog. then got to know that u no longer private it. really enjoy reading ur experience in raising ur twins n now with the new edition uZair. is it ok if i link mine to urs? senang sket 😉


  10. hi there 🙂 hope its not to late to wish u congrats for uZAir~ be strong aite.. the phase will ended soon Insyallah..

    Sgt best tgk ur kids playing together.. sure segala kepenatan terubat bile watching those moments kan!

    Salam perkenalan~


  11. mimi:
    thanks for the wish.
    mmg best bile tgk they play together yg tak bes if sume tgh nanges all together…hihi


  12. wah..bestnya..u ade baby kembar ye..tahniah..n also tahniah coz dpt new baby..i mmg suka baby2 kembar ni..sgt comel..


  13. m@ri@:
    thanks for the wish.
    i pun mmg dari dulu dok sebut suke kemabar especially a gal and a boy. mase pregnant dapat tau kembar 3 mmg happy sgt2, tapi takde rezeki. Arwah alesYa pergi after 3 hari. so now I dapat lar ape yang i dok sebut2kn dulu…kembar sepasang =)


  14. jua:
    i bought it online kat and the balls i beli kat toys r us. its around rm70 per bag (each bag ade 50 balls)

    tapi i baru sedar kat little whiz pun ade jual pool ball (balls provided) at a cheaper price. check out the website and kt column tepi tu u go ” Playing by Type” then click to “Playground and playhouses”, have a look at the My Dear: Ball Tent.

    or u can also cek category inflatable toys, My Dear: Ball Pool. tu pun inclusive of 100 balls


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