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On uZair

August 5, 2008

It has been 18 days since uZair joined us. But somehow it feels like he has been with us longer than that. And why is that so? Coz uZair doesn’t behave like his age. Or maybe he does but since my previous babies are premature thus their progress is not the same, which makes me surprise most of the time at what uZair is capable of doing.

Yes, I mentioned before that at 2 days young he can turn his head when we put him on his tummy. And that wasn’t just a one time thingy…he does that often. And he also lift his head easily, I call it the turtle head. Well, you know when turtles stuck their heads out of the shell. And today, again he managed to turn over when I placed him on his tummy (first incident happen at 9 days young).

On top of that, at first I thought we need not buy him bumper cot just yet coz assuming newborn doesn’t moves around. But we made wrong assumption coz uZair really moves around when he sleeps. Aritu sedar2 muka dah melekat kat ‘dinding’ cot die. Aiyakk…now we really need to get bumper cot for uZair.

Hmm, even at the age of two weeks he’s moving arpund…I wonder how am I gonna cope when he starts crawling….

Oh, anyway remember I mentioned before uZair kena jaundice? We brought him to the doctor but his was just borderline, need not go through the light thingy (not so sure wat u call it). Was very happy coz need not spend another nite or two in the hosp. Doctor said, if it worsen we need to come again. So meanwhile we followed petua orang tua, mandikn dengan buah keranji. Rebus the buah keranji and mandikn with the water. Two days later we went again to do uZair’s blood test to check his jaundice level. Tadaaaa, it drops from 244 to 227. Not sure, memang the buah keranji helps or it was just a coincidence thingy. By the way, uZair was extremely calm when doctor wanted to take his blood. Didn’t cry at all. In fact once everything done, doctor pat his head and he ended up falling asleep.

mOmmy yg confused knp tenang sgt uZair when doctor amiq darah. See the picture in the last row, mata dah sayu2 nak tido, when doctor sapu2….trus lena.

Well, tonite pApa gi keja, his first night-stop since I gave birth to uZair. He sure did help a lot. Very nice of him to bring hArith and athirAh out at least every alternate days, coz kesian tgk both of them bored and restless at home. Oh, how I wish I can join them. (hahah…dream on mOmmy!) Hmm..at least I can rest assured that IF anything were to happen to me…my children will be well taken off by their pApa.

Yes, I always knew I married the right guy =) (yes, Hanah…u can spank me for being melodramatic here =P )

psst…I managed to get my b4 pregnant weight back. Now have to work on my waist…almost there

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  1. blum lagi…almost there.
    tp some of baju dulu tak muat bkn sbb perut ke ape sbb breastfeeding maka b**bs pun betambah besar… so baju sendat kt b**bs


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