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September 2, 2008
I’ve been wanting to do some updates but I ended up composing it in my head and never had the chance to jot it down here. The day I was done with my confinement I was down with fever, the initial plans of going out ronggeng had to be cancelled.
Anyway, let me first update this blog with the answers to hArith and athirAh’s first word….jeng jeng jeng. So do you think you got the right answers? Well, their first word was…Drum roll please….hihi .
athirAh’s first word was pApa…yup some of you have guessed it right. Well, at first I thought it as just another baby talk like pappap papapa papap….but then after great observation I noticed that athirAh would only say papa papa papa whenever syauQi is around. For instant, when she wakes up and she sees pApa sleeping on the bed, she will start screaming Papa Papaapapa from her cot. But when papa goes to work, this never happen. And now athirAh can call uZAir!!! With proper pronunciation of the letter ‘Z’…not Ujai okay….she said it nicely uZAir!!!
As for hArith, his first word was aa-tee-yaaaa. Yes, she decided to call her sister first instead of mommy or papa. Wander said my boy is being very diplomatic; he doesn’t want to hurt either one of us by calling mOmmy or pApa as his first word, so he decided to call her sister first. Hmm..smart boy! And now he can call his grandma too; Pah.
Anyway, hArith and athirAh are now significant to one another. They would search for the other when one is out of sight. In fact, hArith is sooo sweet. The other day, after he had his meal…he said ‘a-tee-yah?’ Yup, he was wondering why athirAh isn’t eating. In another incident, we were at a birthday party at McDonald where they gave Ribera for kiddies. I gave hArith to taste it…I guess he finds in yummy and it would be a waste if athirAh didn’t get to taste it, so after I gave him again he looked up at me and said “a-tee-yah?” (athirAh was busy playing at that time). Isn’t that nice of him…he remembers his sister whenever he has food =)
Oh something really schweeet happened. athirAh loves playing with the doorstopper, she will bite it like nobody’s business whenever she gets hold of it. One day, she was in her cot while hArith was roaming around the room. He actually took the doorstopper and passed it to athirAh who was in the cot. Isn’t that sweet of him, he knew his sister likes it and pity athirAh who was confined to her cot…thus he decided to keep her sister occupied by giving the doorstopper. Happily athirAh bites it..hihihi
Anyway, wondering how’s life with the new edition? Hectic! But now he starts to sleep more at nights thus more sleep for us..yeahh!!! Just now we survived a family outing to the mall. Our four hands were enough to handle those three babies. Horrayyy to us…hihi.
pApa had his hair cut and all four of us waited at a bench near the shop. A lady approached us and told me that she has a pair of twins too; they are now 11 years old. After talking about hArith and athirAh, she looked at uZAir (who I was holding in the baby carrier) and asked “is that yours too?” As I replied “yes”…she responded “wow…that’s brave of you”. Hahahahah. I guess it takes another parents of twins to know exactly what it is like to handle a twins PLUS newborn.
Trip to the mall…all 5 of us

waiting for pApa to get his hair done

hArith siap bekerut muka wondering asal pApa lame sgt potong rambut

ni pulak pApa punye turn to wait with them while mOmmy testing baju

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  1. hmm.. so sweet of Athirah to call her papa and Uzair (and with correct pronounciation too!) hebat!!!

    so sweet of Harith.. is Harith the first who came out..? coz dia ada ciri-ciri seorang abang.. 🙂 bertanggungjawab n caring gitu.. 🙂

    Athirah is in good hands! 🙂 haha..


  2. wow!inilah yg dikatakan SUPER PARENTS!
    tumpang tanya..mcm mana both of travel with 3 babies by car?each of them ade own car seat ke?


  3. alamak sweet jer baca bout Harith..

    tabik lar u all, mmg super duper parents. i nih yg sorang pun masih lagi terkial2.


  4. ye lah, harith is soooooo sweet. athirah must be proud having a twin bro like harith.
    and guess what, i guess name ATHIRAH susah for babies to sebut like my nephew, he called my dotter “aaa-tttteeee-yaaaa” too!


  5. to all,
    thanks for the support,i guess it comes in a pacakage…nk kuar kena bawak sume skali =)
    hArith mmg sgt brotherly…athirAh suke take adavantage of tat…ketuk2 kepala hArith, and hArith selamba je kasi adik die ketuk.

    i do have car seat each for them tapi if syauQi drive..i’ll dukung uZAir while lagi dua dok car seat. nk letak 3 car seats kang sempit buntut i duduk. nk kena tunggu durian runtuh, then beli mpv lak..hihi


  6. harith sgt sweet n soo adorable! dier suke buat muke cam cumel tuh.. n ateeyaa is very lucky to haf a sweet brotha like him! envy! saye tadek abg..


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