I need – TRIPLETS plus ONE

I need

October 12, 2008


Without maid and hubster away for work, I think the drink above is what I need in my fridge.

Hmm..that reminds me of student life. The only different is, late nights before were for last minute studying but late nights now are to attend for babies needs.

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  1. i honestly don’t know how you manage alone with 3 babies!

    (i hardly can cope with my adam sometimes!lol!)

    do you use a baby carrier or something?mcmana u angkat 3? fuh….


  2. mommyadam:
    honestly, there are times kami pun rase it’s impossible to bring all 3 kuar. so gamble jer bawak, al-hamdulillah, Allah will give us some way or another to cope with them.

    if kuar with hubster, we buckle up hArith n athirAh in their twin stroller. syauQi pushes them and uZAir will be in another stroller which I will push.
    but we do have baby carrier gak in case sesape restless dok lame2 dlm stroller


  3. ohh pity u! cant imagine im alone with 3 babies.

    yg sorg ni pun tak terlarat nak menjaga. hihi

    i pun dulu time study2 minum this kind of drink but Redbull! i think lagi kuat dr livita and tp manis gile.


  4. mommy:
    hi, salam perkenalan! =)

    sure busy raya kn tu jarang blog hope..hihi

    queen bee:
    redbull bunyi garang sgt tu i amiq livita..hihi


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