Suprise Mini Party – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Suprise Mini Party

October 16, 2008

Preparing pApa’s mini surprise birthday party wasn’t easy without a maid since I can’t go out to get the stuffs. Furthermore syauQi was not working that day, so it was more difficult to do it behind his back but the fact that he was IN the house. But al-hamdulillah with great help from Fadd and Apeng, things became much much easier. (but of cause there were obstacles for us)
Few days before pApa’s birthday, I text message his friend informing of this mini surprise party. All invitations were left for him to do. So invitation; checked. Next was food, handled perfectly by Fadd and Apeng, they picked up the satay, pizza and also cake. Food; checked. Babies clothes, I sew the wording wishing Happy B’day Papa on the kids rompers…did it at a very last minute. Wishes by babies’; checked.

The most difficult part was to set up the party, cause syauQi was in the house. To make things more complicated, my parents were not around too, so couldnt come out with something like “syauQi tolong mama belikn itu ini….” to get him out of the house. Good thing Fadd and Apeng came earlier. Earlier on I told syauQi that Fadd n Apeng wanna eat at uptown, so we shall try to put the babies to sleep and all 4 of us have dinner there. But after maghrib he already started searching for food, I became panic fearing that he would suspect something cause why wasn’t there any food served for dinner. Later on he received a call from her sister to wish him, and I heard him telling his sister of our plan to go to uptown. I felt relieved thinking that he believe the fact that we are going to uptown.

Somehow we managed to bring him upstairs and lepak tgk tv while Fadd and I set the table. Then we managed to bring hArith and athirAh down to change their outfit. Didn’t bring uZAir down fearing syauqi would suspect something. Soon after all of his friends sneak in quietly.

Faces that came

Thanks peeps!

It was then time to call syauQi down. I was really kelam kabut that time till I couldn’t think of a reason to call him down. Somehow I ended up screaming calling for his help saying there’s insect in the house, well I actually yelled ‘binatang’. He didn’t quite buy it, he came down and saw the boxes of pizza from the stairs and thought the pizza was the surprise since he was searching for dinner earlier on. As he approached the table, friends who were hiding scream out “SURPRISE” followed by a birthday song. He was indeed very much surprise!

*I could actually called him down mintaq tolong microwave tak function kn

Birthday boy tried blowing off the candle but FAILED. Sampai terduduk! Siap off kipas thinking that the kipas punca the candle didn’t want to padam. But actually Fadd was the ‘culprit’, she bought the Magic Relighting Candle…hihihi

athirAh kesian kat pApa tiup non-stop, she wanted to help pApa.

Alhamdulillah food was more than enough (since ade left overs) and to sum it up, I do think the surprise party menjadi =) On top of that, pApa’s friend few are photography enthusiast so they had those big big camera taking shots of him mase die turun muka terkejut. Cam celebrity lar pulak konon…hahahah. Even the kids were chased by the ‘paparazzi’ since they were crawling everywhere.

And here are pictures of the babies wishing their beloved pApa…

I hope I made the Birthday Boy a hAppy Boy. Hmm..he looks hAppy, don’t you think?

**I actually bought a banner HAPPY BIRTHDAY, totally forgotten to hang it!

And more photos, courtesy from pApa’s friend; Yusof, Dad and Ahmad Jr. Thanks!!

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  1. I believe..he is the happiest guy that nite! I can see!! Bravo to you dear! Sgt bagus idea jahitan itewww..creative!


  2. sangat gembira tau melihat dia,i yakin dia pun sangat terkejut dan gembira melihat rakan2 nye ittew.. bravo x 3


  3. aww munirah that is so sweet of u. with the rompers and the surprise party set up all for him. He’s totally a lucky guy 🙂

    Happy bDay syauqi! from all of us here


  4. lana:
    rompers mcm tu jer yg mampu i buat…balik2 jahit felt on i wish i can be as creative as mommy adam (aida)


  5. oh.. bagusnya dapat buat surprise party.. hihi.. despite maid x da, despite 3 babies.. congratts! super woman la mama Athirah nih.. 🙂

    **cantik rompers..


  6. mana nak dapat hurup2 yang dijahit tu..? u buat sendiri ke ada yang dah siap..?

    anyway,…happy birthday shauQ…


  7. mun, sorry..
    kenapa baby bwh 6 months gelap? Uzair nmpk gelap..ehhee.I dulu time Aliah ingat,takkanlah anak aku gelap sampai besar (sbb both of us taklah gelap).


  8. salzahari:
    sbb kulit tak cekang lagi kot…
    but i n hubby tak lar cerah mane (tp hubby mase kecik very fair)
    so not suprise if anak tak cerah


  9. munirah, really cute rompers! where you got it from, and where to get all those letterings? me n my siblings plan toone each for our boys with something like ” grandpa’s champs!”..cute gak kalau buat like what u did with your three kids.

    i hope you dun mind to share


    Munirah Reply:

    errr u refering to the papa’s suprise punye rompers ker? i beli rompers murah rm5 kt reject shop jer…than i jahit the wording, i use felt material…cut the letters and jahit on it


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