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A day before pApa's birthday…

October 20, 2008

I think I was being very ambitious. I wanted the kids to do a birthday card for their pApa, but all attempt failed! I bought some watercolours and brushes hoping they could paint something on their pApa’s birthday card. I saw mama shmontel did it with her daughter. And after reading her entry I knew it wouldn’t even be closed to possible for me to do just like her but I was thinking why not give it a try?

Of cause, I wasn’t expecting much of an outcome. I prepared everything at the patio and took off hArith and athirAh’s clothes and brought them out. As much as I guess, the moment I let them out…they were happily roaming the patio and garden and of cause the stones attracted hArith very much.

Athirah became confused as to where should I explore first? There or there or there…hihi. I decided to try it with athirAh first, and since she’s well known for putting everything in her mouth, obviously I failed at asking her to do some ‘painting’. She had lipstick instead!

Next attempt; hArith. Failed! Stones were much more interesting. And this time around, they found a new place to play with their stones….near the ‘ wudhu’ ‘ area. While they were busy playing the stones, I turned on the water..hihi. tekejut diorang…hihi

Here are some of the photos of them enjoying themselves with the water and stone. It ended up being a waterfall session! Well, Hanah once told me that she read an article saying that despite all the high technology toys for children, nature is still the best for their development. Just like those days were we play hop scotch and galah panjang to name a few. hArith and athirAh enjoyed their ‘birthday card making session’ , they were upset when we called it over

Muka athirAh terpegun tetiba ade air turun dari atas while main2 dgn batu…

Didn’t I just say…athirAh would put everything and anything in her mouth…

Sorry no photos of my attempt with the kids to do the b’day card. My hands were full handling them with the colours and since all attempt failed, I came out wiz a very2 plain card, the photos had bubbles wishing their dad.

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  1. hi Mommy of Triplets!

    wahh.. at last dpt gak view ur blog! i tried last time but failed coz it seems like i’m not in ur readers list. hehehe.. anyhow, can i link u? i’m sooo fond with twins, triplets, quadruplets or etc etc.. hihihi!



  2. kalo i jadik u pun i dont think i able to handle my twins suruh diorg buat painting utk besday card.. huhu.. terible kan? but really fun.. hehe.. tu belum jln lg, nnti kalo da jln cam my twins, haha.. lg la penat nk mengejar.. they r still wif their world!
    nway, nice trying n finally u gotta create really nice card!


  3. mcm kat kindergarten plk! (err..pre-kindy i think in this case! lol)
    cute card u did there 4 ur dad, babies! well done! *yey!!*


  4. Hi Mommy,
    I’m salute you can handle 3 babies at one time even without anybody/maid help! with the creative surprise party for the love one, you so superb! Your house such damn great, I love the pictures and your babies 🙂 cantik banget!


  5. darling8tabby:
    athirAh jer yg suke masuk sume mende dlm mulut. hArith tak pulak. tp diong smpai skrang drool. tu 24/7 kena pakai bib if not basah baju

    hArith dh bleh jln steady, athirAh br nk start. but they still prefer merangkak sbb lagi lajuj kot..hihi

    i really think your daughter super great sbb bleh main painting2 dgn jaya nye =) thumbs up to her!

    its the choice i choose, to be a housewife…so nak taknk i have to shoulder all of it.

    n the surprise party, it is just something i do so spark up my normal daily routine life…at times nk gak something different than the usual routine

    and bout the hse, credit goes to my parents. i menumpang jer umah my parents ni..hihi


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