Tag – 16 Random Things You (Don't) Want To Know About Me – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Tag – 16 Random Things You (Don't) Want To Know About Me

December 30, 2008

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

Alrite, I dont usually do all this tag game thingy coz I hardly have the time for it. But since the latest pictures are in hubster’s laptop…I’ll just try to do this one…tag by Lana. And since it is called random facts bout me…so i’m really doing randomly without any proper sequence, well which ever that pops in my head first ya

  • Seriously, my SPM result was pure luck, up till today I have no idea what I studied especially the science subjects; physics, chemistry and additional maths. If you were to give me this year SPM paper…I doubt it I could even get 10% score. But I’m very glad I managed to score (and at least have an idea of what I studied) in my degree. And now I wonder, considering that I didn’t carry along any of my SPM knowledge to complete my degree…could I score the same result if I were to do my degree at the age of 16. As in, instead of buat SPM…trus buat my degree… logic ker? well, even though I was bad in my add maths but i was suprised that I managed to do pretty well for statistic in uni
  • I luv sports!!! I just love the adrenaline rush. I also used to enjoy outdoors like camping and all…but I guess as we get older we would prefer comfort as opposed to rough it out. But I think the ‘history’ of how I got myself into sports activities was because…it was a legal way to skip classes =) Yup, sports practice = skip classes. (that explains why I didn’t excel in classroom during school days I guess) hahaha
  • Oh talking bout skipping classes, I did that very often in form 3, pegi sekolah sesuka hati, at times masuk mase third period, kadang after recess…depending on what subject that day. And if last few subjects pun cam hampeh me selamba balik awal. Noo..not to the mall or wat. Balik umah terus (sambung tido) And oh, I didn’t do it behind my mom’s back…whenever I feel like skipping classes, I would just tell her…”ma, arini anta sekolah lmbat skit plz.”. And I don’t masuk through any lubang tikus or whatsoever. I entered the main gate but because I’m wearing tudung…nobody thought I ponteng sekolah…coz people think me budak sessi petang dtg sekolah awal for kokurikulum. Well, somehow all students in my class attended tuition classes, so teachers pun tak kose nak ajar sbb students sume buat pekak, tu pasal I choose wat subjects I wanted to attend. Subjects yg cikgu tak kose nk ajar, me pun jd tak kose nk pegi
  • Form 4, I realised that had to stop my habit of masuk sekolah ikut suka hati bapak aku so sbb m’yu tak byk in my skool…I was offered to be Pengawas. Mmg sound very skema and poyo giler but I took the offer up to ensure myself tat jadi budak ponteng sekolah…hahahah. Tapi niat sebenar again was pengawas = legal way of skipping classes. Mmg saya lah pengawas yang rajin giler volunteer for any duty yer, sentiasa menempek kat bilik pengawas….in fact at the end of form 5, it paid of….received the PENGAWAS TERBAIK award. LOL
  • I had a nickname in high skool; JANTAN. Yup, most of my long lost friends are suprised to hear that I’m married with kids =) One friend even complimented En Suami “well done…for taming the Queen” hahahah.
  • Girlfriend boyfriend was something out of norm for me during primary skool. And when I entered secondary (in a different neighbourhood) I was quite surprised to hear that X has 3 ex-boyfriend, Y has 5 ex-boyfriend…. A was with B for 3 months and C was with D for only a week. I was like “gosh what kind of people are in this school ?!@$#@%@????” So I told myself that I won’t be like them. And today I can proudly say that my FIRST boyfriend is now my HUSBAND =) Thus whenever I c youngster at mall kuar dating, I cant say “ish kecik2 dh gatal” coz its just like saying it back at my very own face…haha
  • And we survived distance relationship. We started off in form 3 but he left for boarding in form 4. After SPM, I was in matrics UIA PJ while he was in Malaca Flying Academy. I then continued in UIA Gombak while he was transferred to Kuching (to do West Malaysia domestic flight – Fokker).
  • I was in my final year when we got married. Had 2 more sem to go…tp org dah ajak kawen kn, takkan nk kate taknak. Tu keja giler namenye…hihih. Convocation was superb, hubster gave a rose for every 0.01 pointer…so ended up getting more than 300 roses!!! He bought the roses and made the bouquet himself, thus I had various kinds of flower arrangement (made with love). Additional to that, other family members gave me flowers too…so I was a proud graduan carrying lots and lots of flowers…walking all around campus smiling from ear to ear.
  • And oh, another good reason to be smiling ear to ear on my convocation because my graduation moments were captured perfectly, courtesy of my wedding photographer SAIFUL NANG of CANDID SYNDROME. I couldn’t be any luckier than that!!! He was with us (family and I) all around the campus! (sila lah jeles =))
  • I’m a fussy eater…I don’t eat any gravy yg bewarna, kuning, putih or oren…so basically mmg tak bekuah lah, no curry, no masak gulai, no masak lemak or even tom yam for me. And I also don’t like hot food. Chinese food is my fav…all those sweet sour fish, ginger chicken, honey chicken, butter prawn etc… So if I don’t eat all those bekuah and all, how do I be a good cook… how do I taste the food if I don’t even know how it supposed to taste like??? Therefore I hate any receipi yang tulis “tambahlah garam /gula secukup rase” sbb saya mmg tak tau rasenye or shall I say TAK suka rase.
  • I didn’t know that I was having contraction (for my first pregnancy), when I reached the hospital I was already 9cm open! Thus I had no choice but to give birth at 26 weeks gestation. NO C-Section…went through a normal labour pushing all three out, each with 6 mins interval.
  • You can call me not ambitious or whatsoever coz I don’t care. Since school days I have always wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom and Al-hamdulillah I am now one. Thanks to hubby who doesn’t mind me not bringing in any money for the household but spending his instead. I was being fair (I think) coz dari zaman dating lagi I made it known to him that I wanna be a housewife, so since he still continued with the r/ship… i take it as he doesn’t mind aight. Well, my mom is a Stay At Home Mom, she did all the sending and fetching to skool, tuition and all other extra activities. Right from the beginning we have a mother figure 24/7, so I told myself that I want to do the same thing to my kids.
  • I always wanted to study abroad but I knew it would be too much for parents to pay for my fees and there was no way for me to take up scholarship (1. SPM result wasn’t straight A’s 2. i wanna be SAH
    M, so wouldn’t want to be bound with anybody 3. unlike doctor, accountant and engineer i dont think anyone wanna offer scholarship for me who took up Psychology.)
  • I used to have a lil brat sista. We didn’t get along well when we were younger (we are 5 years different) coz I was rather tomboy (coz I have 2 elder brother) but she’s all dainty and girly. But now my lil brat has turned into a young lady who’s into fashion more than I ever am, who goes for beauty than comfort (unlike me). Soon, we are gonna gave her home for good…she just completed her degree at age of 21! Sounds WOW but gosh kesiannye at 21 she’s already leaving on her own pocket…no longer parents. Unlike me who graduated at age 23 (blame on the local uni who made us completed almost 60 subjects (to graduate) – or was it more than 60, all those major subjects, minor, supportive, elective and wat not?
  • Orait for this, get ready to read with your mouth open (ternganga). Since young until TODAY, it is my DAD who has been buying all my UNDIES and BRA! Yup, my dear Daddy. So each time I need a new set of panties I would be saying things like this “Bapak, belikan hAnim panties. Nak macam aritu tau, yang tulis kat packaging tu “bikini” cutting…hAnim nak yang corak2, dowan plain. And dowan white. If possible even if it’s colourful patterns avoid white background” Yeah, my dad knows my panties AND bra size! (my adik pun my dad belikn). Now, breastpad pun kekadang suruh bapak belikan. Siblings and I are blessed with the coolest dad ever. Even today I could still get a piggy back ride on him or even on his shoulder!

***alamak as much as I guess, I can’t complete this tag game..uZAir is already awake asking for milk. I’ll just finish this of with

  • I’m blessed with my darling triplets, lil’ uZAir, great husband, supportive family and surrounded with great friends around me. Luv All of you!

* updated

  • the best shower I had was after after completed the Malakoff Duathalon…20km cycling and 20km running. I came in 2nd!!! n i remembered “swearing” not to ride on a bicycle again.
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  1. pas baca semua yg 2nd last tu part undies tu i was like haaaaaa?but kenapa ur hubby tak belikan?:p

    and i cant imagine u jantan tu camne, u skip kelas mcmna..but best ada somthing to remember.i skemaaa i sukaaa la haha


  2. hihi…tu sbb i kate get ready to read dgn mulut terbukak 😀
    my dad ade trip to london (marks n spencer) but hubby’s flt tak gi london…its much much cheaper beli kat sane.

    oh tak susah nk imagine i skip class…just try to picture minah hitam bertudung masuk pintu pagar sekolah kul 10.

    i jantan, sbb tu smpai skrang mane reti nk pakai sopan2..u will always c me with jeans n tshirt je. now br lar ade percubaan pakai warna pink, dulu jgn harap ye


  3. hehe munirah22..x ubah dari sekolah rendah. i still remember u semangat ngan netball n semua kind of ball lah kat skolah rendah. Athletic sakan that I’m not.

    ANd i got married with my 1st boyfriend jugak yeayy calit lah!!

    i osso swore 2 myself NOT to be gila lelaki waktu belajar hence lari dr SMTTDI to an all girl school. If it weren’t for TKC i would have been in Sri Aman dah 😛

    nway tnx for doing up the tag. such a sport 😀


  4. waahh..bestnye ayah you..part jantan tu teringat ngan my sis..sampaikan my brother cakap, kdg2 x percaya my sis boleh kawin n ada kids..


  5. mamasarah:
    tu lar dh besar and dh ade anak pun masih suruh bapak belikn panties, hihi

    ur talent is ur voice…tu yg can choose not to be athletic. i can still remember the ustaz made u sit in the surau to practice the bacaan Quran.
    oh the netball, i hate that most actually…asal dpt bola je trus kena jadi macam patung takleh gerak kaki…restless aku tak main, tapi sbb dpt skip class punye pasal i really dont mind. hahaha
    oh ya, CALIT skit, married with 1st bf =) *blush*blush*

    they called me jantan sbb i suke sports, lasak and all. jgn lak picture me jenis tomboy rambut pendek main bola sepak tu…in fact i was never allowed by my dad to have short hair (even though pakai tudung).


  6. salam munirah,

    since i knew that i had to deliver my baby at 7months of gestation, your blog has been my pillar of strength.

    by viewing the pictures of your triplets at birth, i prepare myself so that when i saw my son for the 1st time, i was better than prepared.

    my son weighs 1.08kgs at birth and he’s now on CPAP. thanks for the many useful infos you have recorded here. i must say that i benefited handsomely 🙂

    thinking of starting a blog for my son too.


  7. mamamuizz:
    im glad that my ramblings are actually benifical for other moms out there.
    i’ll be more than happy to share with u my experience and help you around if u need any assistant.
    u can ym me anytime: munirahpunye@yahoo.com

    anyway, your son mase lahir trus start gune CPAP ker? how many days / months is he now? and which hospital are u at?


  8. owwwwwwww how cool that i’m an ‘interesting’ fact of yours hihihihihih

    here’s an interesting fact u probably donno n i’ll never tell in person…..
    a lot of things i do or like (well at least when i was a little younger), is because of u! huhuhuhu i won’t list them down coz they’re too embarrassing but figure it out for yourself muahahahahah


  9. hanah:
    gosh lots of this u did or like was because of me??? u mean u ended up liking all the opposite coz u dont want to turn out to be like me izzit…hahahah
    coz i really see us as 2 opposite identity.

    n seryesly there’s no way i can figure it out. come out some hint please!


  10. mane ade laaa bengong! stupid things like liking blue because u did!! ahaahahhaah then i went thru an opposite phase, hence the pink phase. but now i’m starting to thing that i do like blue. n not because of u huhuhuhuhuhu

    owh btw, i do concede that i was a brat! muahahahaha still am sometimes aren’t i?


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