Janitor – TRIPLETS plus ONE


January 14, 2009

Wow, we are blessed to have this boy in the house…coz despite being an 18 month old boy, he is already being the house janitor! Check it out.

Remember in this post, where he started having interest in sweeping sampai tertido2 kepenatan. He has no improved. Not only he takes the broom, he would also take the dustpan along with him.

He knows where the broom and dustpan being kept. So each time he goes upstairs, he would take it and start his house chores. Superb isn’t it.
And below is his routine of picking up “rubbish” off the floor. Must always check what is in the dustbin before throwing it in the big gabbage. In the picture below, he was picking up my socks I left on the floor. Other items that were picked by him were hangers, tv remote control, MY HANDPHONE and of coz proper rubbish to (i.e pieces of papers n plastics)

And oh this is even better, he is cleaning up his toys!

Tgh lap2 pun bleh temenung jauh…

Dengan penuh tekun hArith sental sume mende =)

Alrite, for this last photo…lets see who is the most creative to give a caption to it. Or shall I say sape bejaya teka what hArith has in his mind, cepat2 cuba teka die tgh piki ape. You might walk away with a Tie Rack Scarf

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  1. lol. ur kids are so cute.

    “aisehh. itu dinding bersawang daaa… lantaklah. in 15 years when i’m alot taller i’ll tackle that problem.”

    (okayyy, i’m out of ideas for a better quote, hahahahha)


  2. Untunglah sape kawin dgn anak u ni munirah, harith yang sgt pembersih dan rajin, ngeheheh harith3X…
    such a cute boy!

    Oh saye nak teka gak, die lap adiknya…. Boleh??????


  3. mommy, i think d fan need to be clean too but how am i going to reach it?…

    enjoy ur blog since dunno….


  4. Berkenan sungguh dgn ank teruna Pn.Munirah ni.. Rajin benar.. Sesuai sangat la dibuat menantu.. Cuppp tau kalau dh ada baby girl nnt.. 😛


  5. i knoe!!!! sbenarnye abang tgh diri to his right making him look up!

    so he’s drooling (look closely) to help wash his hair!!!

    ‘oooooo, i wanna get my hands in there!’

    so now harith has new career! hair stylist! the normal kind tho , if u know wut i mean muahahahahahah

    how’s tat for thinking out of the box? huhu


  6. ahahaaha, mesti abah dia tengah pegang toy yang dia baru lap tadi so he’s going “laaaaaaa… orang baru je laaaaaaaapppp”

    *pengsan ketawa*


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