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I think

April 8, 2009

someone misses his dad…

this morning, we were chatting via ym n took the opportunity to use the webcam features. hArith were smiling away seeing pApa at my laptop screen. (but the first few minutes he was a lil puzzle why n how pApa appears on the screen)

during the webcam conference pApa did the One Two Weeee at him, happily he did it to. After finished with the YM, he had his milk n doze off…

And he ended up sleeping with the One Two Weeee act….

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  1. auwwww….kesian kan tgk derang? micah pun mcm tuh bila his papa away. tido kenalar selimut baju busuk papa dia. nak buat mcm mana, dah keje kan?

    anyway, a’ah i lar yg haida ckp tuh. hehehehehe jgn mare ek?


  2. sian kannn…its ok,we shud be grateful yg skang nih dh mcm2 ade,webcam,3G la…juz imagine if dulu2,without all these things…lagi sian kn…


  3. suryati:
    so how did u find it after going for the preview class?

    saje tu tido camtu sbb sebenarnye nk tunjuk perut buncit die..haha

    yup kids nowadays untung (bini pun tumpang untung dgn technology skrang) dulu mase i kecik, if bapak gi keja 10 hari..meaning 10 hari lar kami anak beranak tak dgr cite dpd bapak kami


  4. best! sebab tu i dah sign up for LC. its good coz micah can socialize, lotsa activity (1 hour is a long period for a baby), plus mcm we can leran. thx again munirah fir sharing the info in the first place. so u still join the classes whch i asume LW?


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