oouucchh – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 6, 2009

It is not just muscle tear…but some other mystery.
I can hardly walk now…it’s bloody aching.
I am willing to go another round of labour pain
instead of this…
Coz we all know that no matter how terrible the labour pain is,
it will end once the baby pops out
but not this mystery pain…
Went to see the doctor again yesterday,
get another X-Ray done,
left leg and also spine…
yet it is still mystery
Scheduled for a session of physiotherapy
and MRI scan today
Hoping to solve the mystery…

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  1. hmm this sound familiar munirah. leg & spine? update us soon after the MRI thing. 45min in there, try n get some sleep if boleh or recite quran mana u ingat. Get well soon dear.


  2. yeah..get well soon!

    hmm..ker u nk travel down to negeri sembilan. there is tabib tau..hehe (i kan mcm kolot sket), tabib ni canggih sket la..sbb dia ex-principle, dia pandai urut ooo

    my hubby and my nephew pergi sana..urut sampai meletup..then terus baik. husband i happy betul.

    neway tatau la ur case ni ada kene mengena dgn salah urat or muscle tear ker..kalau lagi serious mungkin tk boleh la kot


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