June 2, 2009

Hmm, this is the thing about being SAHM…I lost track of the dates. I know what day it is but not the date. Just now, while i was checking the time from my handphone…i then realised it’s the 2nd of June…

That means….

Tomorrow will be our 4th anniversary!!!

Nope we dont have any plans. In fact the previous years pun mmg tak celebrate pape, but i do have something in mind i wanna do tomorrow…

Guess what?

*En Suami, jgn perasan…bukan pape suprise yer,hihi

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  1. wah.. best nya.. (err.. perasan tak, late ly semua org sambut anniversary.. depa ni kawen time cuti sekolah bulan 6 kot eh..?)

    anyway, semoga kekal ke akhir hayat.. amiin.. 🙂


  2. heppi anibestseri mun .. ramai plk member2 blog sambut aniv yg ke 4 .. he..he.. kita pun sama this yr 😉


  3. sibuk with those kids sampai lupe date ek… BTW, Hepi 4th Aniversary…Moga bertambah bahagia and ceria..


  4. Hello !! Been a silent reader for quite some time. Loved your pics especially with your adorable kids in it. Happy anniversary !!!


  5. CONGRATUALTTIOONNSSSS!!@#!%$!#$!#$! uzair dapat adeekk!!@#!… oh wait… 4th anni? booo.. :p :p. just kidding, happy anniversary guys! i was overjoyed after reading the post title.. huhuhu


  6. thanks everyone for the well wishes =)

    at times i always wonder how life would be if arway alesya is around…
    yg pasti..double triple penat, hihi

    haha, well i think uZAir is rather comfortable being the bongsu.
    but then again, i hear lotsa people getting pregnant perhaps its time for hQ to be abang! 😉


  7. HQ standard terminator-esq answer "-N-O-T—Y-E-T-" (continue destroying the house.. bzz!..bzzz!.bzzz!…bzzz!)


  8. Happy Anniversary…!!! May the years ahead brng you a lot more joy and happiness… Make lots more beautiful babies ok!!!! =)


  9. happy anniversary…..may Allah bless your family and semoga mendapat lagi byk2 twin…hehehehe


  10. hi hanim.. ingat i x? wan? tawau? nway,happy 4th anniversary!!! i pon baru celebrate 3rd anniversary last mth.. xde celebration pun, i beli hedgehog je,dia nak bela!! mana mampu nak beli hadiah mahal,i x keje.. heh.. alasan baik punya!! bear hugs 4 harith,athirah n uzair!!!



    eyp can u snap my husband out of his imaginary terminator life. i want a baby girl!! hehehe


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