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Raya Portraiture: 3 in 1

September 24, 2009

Sorry for the long over due updates of my Raya Potraiture. Was so busy towards the end of Ramadhan which forces me to delay these entry. To avoid all those waiting from waiting longer, i’ve decided to talk less n let the photos do the talking…

Here’s bunch of my university mate…one of them been reading my blog and decided to get her gang gather for a photo session. I was certainly hAppy to meet all of them again! Last time i met them was during my convo, year 2006.

Since all working, so they were ready with duit baru berkeping2 tuk duit raya

siap tak puas hati ade yg dok pegang RM50…and athirAh kecik2 sudah tau nilai wang woo..she insists of getting the RM50 notes

I forced these ladies with kurung to jump…haha

Half way through the session, another friend came to join the photo session.

I was telling these friends that the ideal Title for their session would be “Beraya Bersama 4 Isteri…” Well, just look at the photos, don’t u just agree with me? hihi

am i not right? hihi

Nway, enjoy the rest of their photos here

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Baby Faheem
// ]]>  Faheem & Family

During Faheem’s session, it was raining…so had no choice but to have their’s under the patio. Just few hours before Faheem’s session…the parcel i’ve been waiting for arrived. So Faheem rasmikn my new props

I set up the “black studio” since it was raining…

Faheem was such a darl, had no problem placing him in basket and all…

It was still drizzling towards end of the session, so only the parents took some photos in the garden while syauQi carried Faheem

More photos of this family here…


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It was another rainy day during Athirah’s session. Had her session
at our patio too. I always envy those parents who are able to place nice hair clips or headband on their daughter…coz i can never do tat with my athirah…
During this session, my athirAh was rather confused i…wondering why was i calling her name. In fact she was infront of my lense most of the time
not only she allows her mom to placed hairband…she also had no problem wearing tudung
I shall assume this athirAh is daddy’s gal coz most of the time, instead of looking at the camera she will look at her dad
Oh, athirah won first place in which she won a tutu from tutuworkshop. Her mom brought the tutu and we had photos of her with the tutu too
And more photos of this family here…
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I have another 2 more sessions to be update. Internet is extremmmeeely slow. Will have to continue some other time

Again, thanks to all for having TRIPLETS plus ONE capture moments of ur love ones =)

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  1. munirah, i dah balik KL 2 hari naik bosan juga jalan2 pg blog orang semuanya tak update lagi sampai i tak mood nak update my own space. hahah. sakan betul semua orang beraya gitu.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i ni pun takde mood nk update tapi sblum citer ni basi baik i update sbb next week sure dh sibuk nk citer open house lak…hihi


  2. i tabik u sebab boleh capture nice pics of budak2. diorang tak meragam ke? 1st time raya dengan my son, susahnya nak capture gambar famili. kena pulak time dia meragam.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ade gak yg not in the mood sgt…kena try attract their attention
    most of the time their parents will help me =)

    if my kids sbb semenjang mak die dok amiq gmbar diorang…so they are pretty much ok with cameras


  3. I know shukri!!! hahaha…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    gmbr die ade gaya kn cam beraya with 4 wives…hahah. if u bump into him, try asking him how are his 4 wives doing…hahaha


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