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Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

December 24, 2009

If you’ve been reading my blog, maybe you might have notice that i love allowing my kids to explore their surrounding. I gave them freedom in doing so, with minimal supervision. I often notice that, most parents will give me a kind of “look” when they see my kids doing those kind of activities. I often ignore those parents. What’s important for me is that my kids benefit from such activities as it helps their development progress, and of coz they have FUN! Do you know that my kids walk at the mall bare footed more often than wearing shoes. Yes, if u spot 3 lil rascals roaming around One Utama without shoes, they could be mine =)

I believe kids are bunch of curious people. So why not let them feed their curiosity by exploring their surrounding?

Here are among the great activities that my kids have been doing and i’m pretty sure most parents will stare at me for allowing them…but on the other hand, my kids would stare at other kids saying in their heart “why are u just looking, dont u know how to have fun?”

Set them free to feed their curiosity,

I encourage them to go further instead of setting boundaries, allow them to explore,


i believe it is good for their sensory development, to let them feel different texture, such as grass…



Dont u think, they genuinely look that they are having so much fun, laughing away? so why stop them?


As i said before, i dont set boundaries..let them feed their curiosity



Well, the developmental benefits of sand play for children are endless, but not all parents would allow their kids to get dirty with sands fear of germs and bacteria. But they can learn so much with the sand, motor skill, stimulate the development of children’s language, their make believe play skills and indirectly they will also learn mathematical concept such as equivalency, unit of measurement and conservation of volume. I wouldnt want to stop my kids from having such developmental fun just because fear of germs.


Since we are living in the city, kids are missing out the fun of playing at the river / anak sungai. So why not let them have fun with a river substitute?


Don’t u want ur child to be a creative person? So why stop them from having fun painting?

friso (2)


Have u ever experience this? Your child always wanted to put things in their mouth. But just before that happen, you will stop him. And it ended up being an over ending situation…ur child will pick it up and try to bite /taste it when u are out of his or her side. and from far u’ll be screaming “nooooo, don’tttt DIRTY!!!” but kids are curious. They insist of tasting it aight?


Often, parents would stop their kids from getting close to pets…


Can’t afford a swimming pool at home? How about a splash and dip at the rain water collected at the kampung? It is as fun as swimming pool!


Or how about having fun under the rain?


And what about gardening?


Yes, most parents must be thinking that i’m out of my mind. But hey, i’m not torturing them…i’m allowing them to have fun at no charge! i need not pay for expensive toys but just set them free to explore the surrounding.  The bottom line is that they have FUN and FEED their CURIOSITY. I have no worries coz my kids are TOUGH INSIDE! Their milk is very important in raising tough kids to build great immune system. And I also believe by slowly exposing them bit by bit to such surrounding…they are equiped with better immune system as the body ready for such environment. Thus i now have no problem placing them anywhere =)



Yes, i definitely hv bunch of hAppy kids! All well protected, tough inside n out to feed their curiosity =)




That makes us  ONE HAPPY FAMILY =)

Isn’t that amazing how from a premature babies, they have now grown to be such strong and healthy kids, alhamdulillah.



Doesn’t this proove that they have such great immune system , they managed to fight for their life,now  grown up and do so much activities that other parents n kids would only stare at? =)

If u wish to let your children enjoy life just like my kids, provide them the with Friso for their daily milk supply. It has P2 Dual system and contains essential nutrient that aid a growing child’s overall development

“With Friso Gold Frisoshield P2 Dual System™, you can allow your child to explore his world and at the same time, giving you peace of mind at work.”



and of coz, besides milk. hygiene is very important. I’ll make sure they wash their hand thoroughly after every activity and scrub them well went they take their bath.

and also, they take their daily supplement of Vitamin c and Cod Liver Oil . Fruits is always included in their daily diet too.

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  1. interesting advertorial entry as usual with ur creative pics… luv them… bravo2


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks for the compliment. my first time doing advertorial entry actually. well if u wish to have an advertorial entry for u…we surely welcome ur cake and gratin. will get the kids to have fun eating it up and promote for you =)
    psstt in actualy fact mmg i dok eye ur moist choc cake n gratin =)


  2. haha. nice!
    ni buat tak sabar nk ada anak ni. haha


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    Eleh mmg tak sabar nak kawen pon kan =P


  3. salam kenal..
    lama jugak dh follow ur blog tp tak pernah tinggal jejak..
    tp bila tgk bb kecit masa lahir tu… sungguh tak terkata…. dan terasa nk tinggalkan komen
    ya Allah.. besarnya kuasa Tuhan..
    tgk diorg sekrg dh besar2… tak percaya tgk gambar yg last2 tu….


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