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Drypers Pants

December 11, 2009

2 weeks ago, a friend working in TV3 asked if my kids are up for a couple of minutes slot for the TV. Without hesitation i said “sure no prob!” Little did i know that i’m suppose to be in it too. Damn..mane nk sorok segala jerawat kt muka ni?? But since i can’t pull back my words we had to carry on with it.

It’s for Drypers Pants btw. All this while we’ve been using the normal diapers not the pants like so last week i felt the need to get my kids used to that kind of diapers. So i bought a pack. Kids refused to wear it. They were telling me to put on their diapers coz they thought im putting on pants for them without the diapers first. Aiyak…good thing i bought the diapers last week. So they had 1 week getting used to it.

Yesterday the crew scheduled to come at 330pm. At 3pm i woke my kids up from their nap. Of coz they get cranky since their sleep were disturbed. So i ajak all 3 main in the garden. How can they say no to this??? Hehehe. So all 3 kids getting the mood..running around in the garden. By the time the crew came, they are all up n cheerful. All 3 busy running wearing their drypers pants. The crew were rather satisfied with my kids since they continue with their activities despite having camera right infront of their face. At one point, athirAh even gave her cheecky smile when the camera came close up to her face. Cuteness! Then baru lah terinagt i should have taken photos of them too. Since i need to get the kids to jump about i cant be taking photos. The crew was kind enuff to help me to take photos of the scene.

My kids were also busy heret the drypers pack ke hulu hilir…we let them be and cameraman continue taking candid shots of them. Here are some random photos of yesterday.














(psst…tak obvious kan muka ku yg kurang licin and perut ku yg berlemak?)

Anyway. now that i’ve been introduce to this pants like diapers, yes i do find it easy. Need not struggle to get the kids to lie down to put on their diapers. It can be done while they are standing. Easy =) Hmm..y didnt i think of it earlier. In fact athirAh mmg suke bukak her diapers. Now with this pants like, it wouldnt be that easy for her to just bukak the “tape”. hihi. And yes, this would be a good opportunity to teach them left and right. So bile nak put in their leg we can introduce them to Right leg and Left leg =). And even though they use it out in the garden lasak and all…the Drypers Pants is tough enough to accomodate to their active lifestyle

Say YES to Drypers Pants =)


And oh, if anyone looking for kids talent, i have 3 kids whom are not camera shy *wink*wink*

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  1. Qaseh pon from newborn til now dh pakai saiz L mmg setia ngn drypers..cuma 2 bulan lepas nk gi travel..try pakai drypantz plak..pakai nye senang skit..but mahal skit dr drypers biasa..so kalo kt umah stick guna yg biasa..kalo gi travel je kot guna..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah before this jenuh lah dok struggle suruh budak baring nk pakai pampers…tak tepiki lak bout using this pants like diapers


  2. i suka drypantz dari huggies pantz. satu, sbb drypantz senang kat celah2 pelipat tu getah dia lagi kuat dr huggies pantz. so anak i mmg xpernah bocor kencing tp dgn huggies pantz sokmo je.
    then, getah kat pinggang tu faris lagi selesa compared dgn huggiespantz.
    third, bila nak koyakkan drypantz senang drpd huggies, kdg2 tu sampai kembang hidung dibuatnya then faris dah ngamuk2 sbb lambat sangat nak buka huggies pantz.

    bila keluar rumah jalan, drypantz i ngangkut sbb senang nak pakaikan sambil berdiri n takpayah susah2 i nak cari tempat nak baringkan faris.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    haaa if org huggies baca comment u jua, mati lahh…haha


  3. i pon guna diaper pantz (huggies). i find it is easy to use especially masa travel,if we travel by car o airplane, senang,x yah baring o cr suitable place 4 my son to lie down. lg2 kalau travel by airplane,d lavatories… oh gosh!!!! sangat sempit!!!! i change his diaper kat cabin je,lain la kalau berak,terpaksa la kempiskan perot bersempit dlm toilet… kalau kat umah,i use d normal diaper je…


  4. Gosh, they are really at ease in front of the camera sbb mummy dah biasa take photos of them. Haris looks so booolat without his shirt on. Uzair nampak sebaya dengan those 2. Athirah , comei…. when would this be aired on tv?


  5. Cutenye gambar last uzair, sayang takde gambar Athirah senyum kat camera masa close up to… well done


  6. i use drypantz kalo keluar, buat simpan dlm kereta sepack. cos if outside, cam nak baringkan anak dara tmpt public tu cam tak sesuai la, taktau bersih ke kotor.


  7. yup..drypers pants rocks!

    psst:u dh jadi celebrity nih..hehehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    part mane yg tetiba i jadi celebrity ni? pakai heels pun tak reti, mane lepas nk jadi celebrity..haha


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