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Little Chef by Okinokiyo

December 9, 2009

Perhaps some of you notice the kids wearing apron during my baking session. Errr not my kids, the other two gals (unfortunately my kids refused to wear it). Those luvly apron were made by Okinokiyo. It was luvly apron and best of all it was reversable …so you’ll get two desisgn to alternate with. Sewn using nice cozy cotton.






this got to be my fav! Mai it would be nice to have skirt with this combination. luv it stripes, a lil polka dot and flowers. Luv it!



sorry the photos dont do much justice to the apron. kids took away the apron when i place it nicely on the table to take photos of it. they insists it is theirs. now they are at school…wanna take better shots of it but its in the washing machine..hihi

but seryesly, they r luvly aprons!

You can reach the tailor by either going to her blog or her online website. You can get luvly skirts for ur lil’ ones!

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  1. kalau athirah leh jd model sementara, sure cute!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    model sementara? tuk apron tu?
    sadly die taknk pakai the apron…die ingat cam pakai bib kot sbb diorang ni dari dulu bile makan taknk pakai bib. after 1 year old sume dah reti tarik bib bile suruh pakai


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