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hAppy to you!

January 5, 2010

That’s how hArith wishes people for  birthday. He loves cakes nowdays, he will start screamin Happy to you! whenever he sees cake.

Over the weekend, we attended birthday party, but sadly we miss the cake cutting by few mins. But the kids surely had a great time, indulge themselves with those lovely sweet cupcakes



Well doesnt those creamy icing look sinfully yummy!


hAppy birthdAy Jackson!




Hmm, looking at how good my kids’ apetite are, i think they make a good food tester. Every dish they eat, the food will look oh soo yummy, just like the previous entry uZAir eating the spaghetti,


If you have any cake / cookies / cupcake or pastry business and wish to have an advertorial post of it, do email me at munirahpunye@yahoo.com for further detail or you can simply fill up the contact form here.

I would need sample of your food of coz, will snap photos of my kids enjoying those lovely yummy food.


I just had my body massage just now. The makcik urut, commented on my skin. She said looks very fair and healthy…well, i had very bad back acne during the triplets pregnancy..it was soo bad that it look as though i had chicken pox, serious. now makcik urut kept on commenting.. wah bintik2 dulu sume dah hilang =) Can’t wait for USANA to help make my face skin radiant and fair too! insyaAllah =)

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  1. setuju!!! saya pun br balik spa ari tu.. budak spa tu kata… akak ni mesti jenis jaga kulit… kulit bersih (cheyy wah)… wahh teringat pasal mkn multivitamins USANA tu.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ha ape lagi..org lain tak teringin ke kulit shantek =)


  2. i loike pic uzair makan spagetty..both of my doters mmg fussy eaters


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    my kids pantang tgk org makan. even though they just had their meals…tp if a minute later ade new set of people duduk kt dining table tuk makan, they will quickly get their plate and sit again. mmg pantang nmpak org duduk kt dining table


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