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February 3, 2010

Firstly, wanna appologize for taking quite sometime to update my blog. Sorry to those parentsย who have been waiting for their child’s photo. Byk sgt gmbar, bepinau gak nk tgk, pilih, resize and watermarking. And now im not sure how do i write an entry on this. Just tempek gambar or do i need to do lil review on it?

i’ll just write watever flow that comes out of my head ya…

Alhamdulillah, weather was very kind to us that day…all were busy in the garden. tp sbb mostly dah besar and ade perasaan malu, ade few yg taknk be on just diapers. Emma even cried when her mom nak change her baju, malu lah depan kawan2 bukak baju

tgk tu, berkaca lagi mata die…

Emma doesnt quite like the idea of getting dirty,

perhaps she was in a lil shocked to see her hands all covered in colours

xpe, there’s always a first time to everything. Its okay if she prefers to watch around. It’s all about the idea of exposing our lil’ ones to different activities

I’m sure she did pick up a thing or two by observing others =) And after awhile, yay her parents managed to get her footprint

and here’s Afif looking very clean at the beginning of the session

and he prefers to stay clean just like Emma

both of them stood in the middle, they prefered to observed others instead =)

anyhow, her mom managed to get her son’s handprint

Ilhan pun at first wasn’t comfortable with the idea getting his hands covered with paint

But ended up he had great time with the paint, in fact he had the longest attention span with the paint

Farah from 5577studio helping out with the foot stamping


It took awhile for Sofea to warm up, but i was happy to see her smiling away after that. Shows that she did enjoy herself too

Smiling away waiting for a new sheet of paper

busy stamping her handprint

oh look at this pic, sofea gigih berusaha nk buat peace, trying to put up two of her fingers while holding the paper

And this is Ammar’s second time joining session by KIDS in CHARGE. He came previously for the baking session.

One of the advantage of having a playgroup is that kids get to mingle and observe others. By observing others, they’ll get more idea and exposure. Below, Ammar pointing to other’s artwork,

At the end of the day, while waiting for his dad, Ammar played with hArith. Ammar’s mom did mentioned during the baking session that he wants Ammar to mingle around. And alhamdulillah this time around, during the finger painting session, he played with hArith. And we were working on to get him to share the car ๐Ÿ˜‰

He likes the car sooo much. In fact dah sorok utk elak kn berebut…tapi ade yg jumpe

And just like the lil crawlers, the explorer had the same fun to end the finger painting session , the water sprinkler…

Ilhan drinking…hihi

And Ilhan didnt want to allow her mom to get close to him…he wanted to play with the water longer. Whenever his mom did and attempt to take him, he’ll direct the water to his mom. Smart ya!

So ended up mak bapak sume diri jauh2

While other kids busy playing with the water, Emma still khusyuk observing

and Afif lak stood still, didn’t move even an inch. Parents die kate sbb jarang pijak rumput. So it was totally a new texture for him

Thanks to all parents that enrolled their children. My Saturday was full with colours, morning and evening =)

and oh hArith had his hand n foot printing too

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  1. seronotnye!

    zahra want to join la for next session.
    she is 10 months old, like to eat all.
    tenang rasanya bila baca munirah punye color memang bole makan. sure gumbira zahra nak makan instead of painting ๐Ÿ˜€

    so when is the next?
    tak sabar mama dia neh..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks, for ur interest, ur gal crawling ke dah bleh jalan?
    for safety reason i separate those yg crawl and yg dah jalan.
    at the moment blum set any date yet. keep a look on this website for the next session ya =)


  2. waahhh..walaupon afif was not very cooperative on that day.. i tetap suka the pictures!

    tak saba lak nak dpt album!

    oh by the way..i mintak izin ambik gamba afif letak in my blog yer.


  3. Salam Munirah,

    I am Salwa Jamil’s big sister and Ladyverde’s schoolmate. Have been following your blog since I was 26 weeks pregnant until I saw some familiar faces in your blog. *grin* Oh, and I can see Aida, Hafiz and Timmy now !
    My daughter, Safiya is now 1 year and 1 1/2 months old..would like to join your next session…Please keep me updated by sending me emails ye ! Salam kenal !


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hi there!
    oh u r now back in m’sia? first time i heard about u was when salwa spoke on the phone with u, err it was a video call coz both were happy looking at each other ๐Ÿ˜‰ and u were in japan back then.
    alrite..will inform u of our next session, ur gal is crawling or already walking?


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