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Nilam Boutique in the Making

April 7, 2010

Since birth most people will comment on uZAir’s wide forehead, most malays will say “besar ni cerdik ni” while most chinese will say “waahh, besar ni jadi tauke besarr wo”

Whenever, people pass such comment, i’ll say Ameen in my heart.

For the pass few months I often chat with mrsimran/ ladyimran/ ayu / penol /ainol and most of the time we will be talking about our dreams and hope. Masing2 layan each other punye angan2. At that time, i was telling her my intention of starting my photography and she talks about her wired jewels. Soon after we ended up talking about various other dreams and she mentioned about having her own branding.  Each time she came out with and idea, i pun wah beria up up kan lagi idea tu and vise versa. She will do the same thing whenever i talk about my plans and dreams. After awhile we realised, it sounds possible to get our dreams turn reality if we really put things together. At this point around, mrsimran was talking about having her own boutique, but i was still talking about expanding my photography. Mmg each time chat sure i layan all her angan2, and one day she invited me to join her. Wahh, since i’ve been following her dreams thus i accepted the offere with open arms =)

Introducing to you…..

Curious to know more about it? Here’s a lil snippets of our label =)

Since i look very much like uZAir when i was a baby, especially the wide forehead, insyAllah im on my way to be a tauke, Nilam Boutique =)

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  1. hey sama u, sejibik.. 🙂
    anyways, gud luck 2 the both u..
    wishing u every success with nilam boutique..

    ps: how bout photography?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah, hArith tgk gmbar i mase kecik die kate tu uZair..haha
    photography is still on of coz! that’s my passion =)


    Mrs Imran Reply:

    lepas ni she’s taking model photos pulak kot i guess?? model = me…haha kene buat i yg tk lawa, jadi marvelous dalam gambar! must ok…hihi


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