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Aqiqah : Imran Syafiq | by TRIPLETS plus ONE

June 1, 2010

Last saturday i left the kids to be under the care of the dad so i could go on with my aqiqah  photoshoot assignment.

Baby Syafiq was such a darl, through out the aqiqah ceremony i didn’t hear any uuhhh,  ahhh or uwekkk from him. His mom placed him in his cradle and just few mins later he dozed off to the song of the marhaban.

Although Syafiq’s mom claim the aqiqah is just a simple deco, but i love it to the bits. maybe because im a fan of fresh flower. I always think fresh flower add some spice to any occasion. It makes any occasion looks elegant to me, no?

He was wide awake when his mom placed him in the cradle, it wasnt a prob at all to leave him there

and just a few mins of marhaban, i saw him already asleep….

he must have felt the marhaban was his lullaby song…

I was so geram to see his hair so lebat, totally the opposite than my kids, (especially uZAir that is) hihi

Not a problem to do the cukur jambul, sgt lebat his rambut

It is not easy to take Syafiq’s sister’s photo, she is very shy with people. But i was so happt that i managed to create lil bonding with her to get her smling. It was priceless (to me that is…hihihi) Well hope her parents felt the same way too 😉

I was even happier when i got her to post for me

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  1. ada petua tak camna nak bagi anak rambut lebat? (at least lebat la sikit sebelum cukur jambul :p) Aliah dah nak masuk 3yrs old u see, still rambut gitu2…Curly lak tu, lagii tak nmpk pjg! but still cute….


  2. alol0lo comel nya baby..
    i tatahan tgk mesti kena komen jugak hari ni. haha.
    gambar sgt cantiks munirah!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ha silalah make more babies yer, sure cute mcm malaeka nanti the adik! 😉


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