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Fahim's 2nd Birthday: Newborn,Babies,Children & Family Photography | KL Malaysia

November 26, 2010

Last weekend, i left the kids’ with Daddy Day Care to cover a party photoshoot

It was a football theme birthday party,

Everything was decorated in accordance to the theme and guests came in with their fav team jersey…and as much as i guess, mostly in MU jersey… (im not a MU fan though, hihi)

psst, those lollichoc u see on the tables are from Lonia Choc 😉

The birthday boy,

Birthday boy tgh jerit “goooaaallll!!!!!”

yg ni lak, parents ajak ckp “goaaal” but bday boy bolayan…hihi

The cake cutting,

The cute montel guest :), (the lil’ ones i mean…hihi)

It was a lovely party with great food, everything look scrumptious!

Thanks to the lovely sisters for having me to Capture Moments for Lasting Memories 😀

They were lovely, even tapau-ed food and 3 goodie pack for my kids at home

Thanks again to the host

oh did i mentioned, they have shisha for the dads!

TRIPLETS plus ONE would like to wish Fath Ahmad Fahim hAppy 2nd Birthday!!!

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  1. hi dear:)
    wow!!! i loves all your pictures n cant wait to see more pictures!!!
    u really improve a lots dear!!!
    thank you so much dear :)hope to see u soon…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks dear,
    glad u love the photos. will try to get the album done by next week n post it to you.
    im looking fwd for more opportunities for me to improve my photos to a better level, insyaAllah

    psst, bile ur gal nk main pasir kt my hse 😉


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