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December 1, 2010

My bro is getting married this weekend and im all excited about it. I always love wedding since i was little. With my dad’s job nature he is often away and leaving my mom to attend weddings alone. Thus yours truly was the one that accompanied her to weddings whenever dad is not around.

As my bro’s wedding approaching near, it reminds me of my wedding. I was still student back then, 2 more semester to go; my final year. Thus i was very  lucky as everything was done for me :D. I didnt have the wedding jitters as i wasnt really involved in the preparation..sedar2 dh siap..hihi. As i was staying in the hostel, each time i come back for weekend, things dah siap. So bile org tanye “tak panic ke?” i was like “eerrr okay je, sbb each time balik i see great progress…” i need not do any thinking like “alamak bunga telur camane, mekap macam mane, baju macam mane?” My mom was superb in handling all that despite its her first wedding she handled. I was the first among my siblings to get married.

Oh there was a particular time i got panic, it strike in me “am i really getting married??”, that was a day before the akad…when i look out the window from upstairs and saw all the khemah was up tutup jalan…time tu baru lah dub dab dub dab.

And on the akad day itself (akad was malam) so pagi tu people came to help with the last minute thingy..baru lah cam, wuishh they are here for me. A lil *panic mode* then. Alhamdulillah everything went well. Dad die the khutbah akad himself, the solemnization pun done by dad and also followed by the doa. Alhamdulillah, everything done by dad while the imam sat by the side. It was very personal to see dad did everything.

Oh i actually did my own ruling, not to see syauQi starting a week from the wedding date. Dgn die tak penah tgk me with make-up and all, it was indeed a surprise for him to see me in my akad attire.looking like a real lady instead of the usual gal in jeans n tshirt 😀

Anyway,when my brother mentioned 2 months back he nak kawen, i was telling mom to make sure its after feb coz i’ll be in my pantang, oh tgk2 that’s not into consideration…(kidding, hahah.) Wedding is in dec, so i wont be in pantang but heavily pregnant instead. and the first thing strike in my head was “ohh noooo camane nk vogue with an 8 months tummy, baju ape nk pakai” hahah, berangan nk vogue lah pulak, walhal heels pun tak penah pakai.

It wasn’t easy to find a dress for my girl, bile taknk tu slalu je nmpak…but when u need it, u search high n low pun tak nmpak. Managed to setlle with a dress although i had something else in my mind, tapi tak jumpe2.

Hoping that despite the 8 months tummy, i can still look good during the wedding 😉 AND making lotsa prayers baby wont pop out anytime soon as i wanna attend the wedding!!!

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  1. i pun suka gi wedding tapi hasben mcm malas layan je.. :-)u kawin awal ye?? masa tu syauqi dah keje ke study juga??


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i kawen mase age 22+, syauQi same age tapi dh keja. if blum keja confirm my parents tak kasi kawen..hihi


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