6 years n Counting – TRIPLETS plus ONE

6 years n Counting

June 6, 2011

Alhamdulillah we reached 6 years of marriage on the 3rd June n blessed with 4 kids. (n of coz i cant stop wondering how life would be if we have our late Alesya Zara with us).

Previous years we never celebrate our anniversary, maybe because it is not a norm for my parents to celebrate it thus we dont see it as necessary. or maybe because we started courting when we were 15,back then mane ade duit nak celebrate bagai..thus we ended up sticking to tat way sbb dh biasa mcm tu.

but since lately syauqi been mentioning bout the revolving restaurant at KL Tower, more of curious how the place is thus i decided to give him a treat. It wasnt easy, byk org involved in order for us to be able to hv lunch just the two of us. Mom n sis were willing to bring elder 3 out so we cn hv our lunch. Uwais alhamdulillah can take bottle feeding now, express milk n left him with maid. The minute elder 3 left the hse, told syauqi to get his shower (he was half awake,lazing on the bed). he has no idea what was going on. he asked mane kids, told him dh kuar ngan mama n hanah ( he then had the impression they kuar dulu n we meet up with them later sbb die lmbat sgt nk get ready, thus i decided to play along)

he then asked, nk pegi mane, nk choose appropriate baju. told him collared polo is good enough. then tanye pulak, “ade aircond x,nk pilih material tee” i pretended tak sure “err ntah,ade kot..mayb xde”

then masuk keta, i key in gps sbb i pun mmg xtau jalan. told him ikut je gps. he played the guessing game. memula die teka kl tower, but when gps asked to head to jln raja chulan he guess Pavillion sbb last week g Pavillion via tat road.

Best part was he has no idea mane kl tower actually, so bile dh smpai simpang kl tower he was still guessing it wrongly,smpai kt gate entrance he saw written KL Tower, baru lah tau where we were going. And till tat point he still thought we gonna join the kids. We saw a boy riding a pony mase nk park the car n syauqi said “harith ke tu?”, so i was vry confident he thought kids dh smpai dulu. tp die tanye asal kids pg dulu, i said “sbb they nak gi naik observation deck tgk view dulu”

a pic frm the parking lot



went up to the restaurant n was given a table for two. mase smpai tu syauqi looked happy sbb mmg x penah smpai situ. he asked again “kids join x, y table for two?” kebetulan next to us ade table for 6, so i pointed to him “tu our table gak. go get ur food b4 kids smpai”. he took his first dish, pastu ade tinggal skit lg the mee kuah. he asked again “bdk join x?” by then i tot die dh budget i tipu coz i reckon he read my tweets..tgk2 he mmg expect kids ade,i replied “of coz not!!” he replied “laahh buat penat je mkn laju2, siap tinggalkn skit tuk athirah so die bleh mkn while we take food for them.”

this was the our view when given our seats


lepas dh tau kids not coming, baru lah take own sweet time to eat n take photos of the view.alhamdulillah weather was good, clear sky. can see smpai Shah Alam blue mosque and the Coast Line.



u can see Stadium Negara, Stadium Merdeka and Victoria Institute School in pic below,


Both of us x senang duduk kot x buat pape sbb slalu tgn handle the kids while makan. so ended up tgn dok update fb n twitter,photos of the view..hihi. After almost 2 hours, its back to reality. mom n sis dh penat trying to kill the time with elder 3 at OU. they called bgtau dh nk blk. perut kami pun dh kenyang, thus zasss we head home.

Oh boleh x, after dpt tau kids not coming, syauqi asked me… ni mkn tuk ape? saje2 mkn weekend ke anniversary? sape bayar? Haha, it feels weird i guess x penah2 celebrate anniversary..tetiba we r at a table just two of us with a spectacular view, subhanallah

A big thanks to my mom n sis for babysitting elder 3. Blk rumah b4 harith tanye we pg mane i asked him “harith pg mane? mommy cari kt one utama x jumpe pun” he replied “mommy cari kat old ke new one utama”. “at old wing”. “x jumpe lah sbb harith ade dekat new one utama” hihi

And Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂

*all photos taken using phone camera

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