Playground – TRIPLETS plus ONE


November 28, 2011
Been wanting to update my blog on this but as usual, never had the time to do so. Better late than never aight. We had this install 2 months back if im not mistaken. Kids been climbing the laundry line outside smpai nak roboh, scout around for climbing frames for quite sometime for them. Saw some nice wood playground set from Toys R Us US but they do not do delivery to Malaysia. Went to Toys R Us Malaysia to enquire if they can bring in for us, but sadly they cant. Finally mom google up and found those playground company. Price was quite steep though. We agreed to split the bil into half with my parents 😀
Initial plan was to have the climbing frame / monkey bars joined with the slide but due to space constraint, we had to do it separately. Kids were of coz overjoyed of coz.
Uzair mmg pantang nampak pintu bukak. the minute he sees the door open, he will be running out to the monkey bars. Even if we are going out, before entering the car, sempat lagi lari ke monkey bars.
And our lil’ uWais tak padan kecik ye. He loves the slides. The height of the slide is about 1.5 meters. He goes up and slide down by himself
we didnt need to teach him, he used the same concept as going down the steps….leg first
and he will crawl up back to the steps.again and again. he just turned 10 months btw
and this is the boy who will run to the mini playground whenever he gets the chance. even if nak kuar, before masuk kereta he will run there first
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  1. Hi.. I pon naik tau company nama and the price.. Thanks..


    admin Reply:

    my mom still searching mane she letak the contact number


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