Sensory Play: Slime – TRIPLETS plus ONE
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Sensory Play: Slime

January 19, 2013

There were a lot of considerations took place when before decided to enroll elder 2 for primary 1 KAFA. Mainly because it means taking away their Petang Playtime, which has been their daily routine. KAFA is from 430-630pm. When I finally decide to enroll them, i told myself, in return i will organize some play time over the weekend and it should be double the fun than their ordinary petang playtime.


Instead of the usual slime we often play, this time around we make it even more thrill for the kids (and for me too!)



Unfortunately we didnt have enough corn flour. but good enough to make a mess. Initial idea was to have all 3 basket with slimes and “shower” the kids



I couldnt take much photo, coz half way through i joined the kids and were covered with slimes as well 🙂


and as usual, the cleaning up part took longer than the play time. While we scrub off the floor, kids washed their car and rides too. Perhaps next week i shall let the kids wash my car :))

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  1. salam munirah..
    if u dont mind to share boleh tahu kt mn u send yr elder 2 for Kafa eh?
    bestnye tgok yr activities.. how i wish i could send my LO to yr place utk join sama..
    btw.. yg u guna utk watercolor tu bli kt daiso mana eh.. i cari yg tu gak.. x jumpa at daiso sunway n ioi puchong..
    tq in advance


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