Amanah – TRIPLETS plus ONE


September 6, 2014

The queue grew longer since the last time we came. another good “refresher course” for the kids.

This time around the kids learnt about “amanah”. Athirah was thirsty and asked for some drinks, while one of the volunteers mistakenly gave harith a kids’ goodie pack coz harith was mingling with the homeless kids.
told harith he has to return it back and explained to athirah why she cant have some drink. was telling them that Pertiwi received funds from the public to buy the foods and drinks for the homeless and urban poor, the amanah was given to Pertiwi to deliver those food n drinks to the receipients and since they are not among them, they shouldnt take any drinks or food.

Alhamdulillah kids managed to come out with various examples of amanah, to show they understood the lesson of the day.

And i on the other hand was happy to bump into my uni lecturer :). Glad that we decided to make the impromptu pit stop


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