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February 18, 2015

Athirah so gonna be crossed if she knows im saying this publicly, huhu

Yup, we have bedwetting issues with her. kencing before bed pun possibility of bedwetting still high. i ended up putting her on diapers coz too hassle to be washing the bedsheets
After 3 weeks of applying Cypress over her abdomen before bedtime, her diapers are always dry every morning, since we  had a 14days of dry diapers…. i took the chance, get her off the diapers.

no incident so far up till today, alhamdulillah! oh and i no longer apply cypress on her since she seems fine now.







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  1. As Salam, juz wanna know where cani buy the cypress oil. TQ


    admin Reply:

    u may text me at 0192325747 and i’ll be more than happy to extend the member’s price to you


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