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Thank You

February 9, 2015
To the father who blew bubbles at Datuk Sulaiman park for the kids yesterday, I would like to say my appreciation.
My son who has autism loves bubbles. He was kept entertain when you blew the bubbles, and when you offered him to blow, he was certainly happy. I was however afraid he might ended up making a scene when he had to return the bubble wand back to you. But you had such great patience telling the other kids waiting in turn that we have to reason out with my son. You told him in a manner where he could understand, you gave some interval before explaining it back to him its the other kids’ turn. You even guided the other kids who were simply eager to blow, to ask nicely from my boy. Amazing, everything was in such good control. All kids get to enjoy and my son was given that chance to join the crowd. It means so much to us, family. Thank you
Thanks once again
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