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“Hold bad treatment with kindness”

December 17, 2017

So I no longer have any preschoolers. Uwais started primary school 3 weeks back. He was supposed to start in September but he wanted to finish off his preschool and participate in their year-end concert/graduation. He is having a good time in primary, Alhamdulillah. The first week of schooling, they had field trip, and the third week was their Science Exhibition. Definitely sound fun.

However the first week of school, he had some unpleasant experience. Students who were being provocative for no apparent reason it seems. A few days later Uwais came home telling me his story from school:

Uwais: mommy, that boy no longer disturb me

mommy: oh that’s good to hear

Uwais: you know why?

mommy: no, why?

Uwais: coz I did what teacher taught us idfa’ billati hiya ahsan…hold bad treatments with kindness”

mommy: so what did you do?

Uwais: He was passing by me, so I said Hi. and he replied. Then I said, I like your shoes…you have a nice bag. so now when he sees me he said Hi, he doesn’t disturb me.


Then he was telling me more about the quotation he was mentioning. During the assembly in the morning, the teacher usually teaches some new values. One of the days, the teacher told us about the ayat. So I did that.


“Good and evil cannot be equal. [Prophet], repel evil with what is better and your enemy will become as close as an old and valued friend” (Fushshilat :34)

MashaaAllah, a good start there Uwais 🙂

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