Frankincense King of Oil – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Frankincense King of Oil

December 26, 2017

When I was in Indonesia, I showed photos of my kids playing dirt, rain and under the hot sun. And was sharing with them the oils I use for the kids. Oils, before they go under hot weather and under rain or anything, involves water.

In the recent tournament for Harith, the heat was really scorching hot in Penang and they were playing at noon. While waiting for next game, I went to him and put a drop of Frankincense on his crown. I had other boys in the team queued up “me, auntie” “I want too” “me…me!” “can I have too please”.

During the camp recently, Uwais had a fall and came to me for Lavender, one boy spontaneously said “me!”. “but this is for fall”, “oh here then (showed me an almost nonvisible scratch on his leg)” but I applied after all. “Thanks auntie!” and happily he skipped away.

At the end of the camp, was packing up…parents came fetching their kids and one of them saw me with my oil bag. “ Munirah what was it that you applied on my son in Penang, he said it was really helpful, he felt fresh immediately for the next game”, “Ohhh perhaps that was the oil your boy was expecting when I took out Lavender for Uwais. So he was expecting Frankincense!”. “Yes, he said it really helped him that day, they were all so tired by noon, and you came dropping oils on their head…he likes it. It helped he said”

So why did these boys shout out “me…me” when I took out the bottle of Frankincense though they have no idea why am I putting it on Harith’s head. Coz earlier this year, in one of the tournament the organizer had some carnival game. They played in between their match, did the rock climbing and all boys came back with some rope burnt on their palm. I saw boys running after the Coleman box, grab ice and rubbing on their palm. One boy was sitting next to me so I pulled out my oil bag, and gave him a drop of Lavender. Next thing I knew, few boys came to me “Auntie, what was it that you gave to my friend, he asked to get from you coz it works. His hand feels much better now” So I ended up with boys queueing up for a Lavender drop. From then on, whenever I pull out my oil bag…I will have boys saying “me…me” though they have no idea what it is. The oils speak for itself, I need not explain anything to the kids. They just keep coming

“Munirah, can I buy a kit then”, “yes of coz you can” 🙂

Click here to know more about the oils.

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