Little Baju – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Little Baju

August 28, 2007

Yesterday, as usual mOmmy and papa did our usual routine in the morning to see both of you. mOmmy got so excited when the nurse told me that we can actually bring our own clothes for hArith to wear. Yabedabeduuuu!

The moment we reached home, mOmmy selongkar all the baju that we (opps, I mean Tuk & Pah) bought. Tuk did buy clothing for premature babies, written at the package “Early baby, up tp 2.3kg”.So mOmmy straight away wash it and put it in dryer. Well, it really look like those baju people wear it on their teddy bear…heheh

After dinner, we went again to the hospital, and this time around looking forward to try on hArith’s new clothing of course. Wow, it fit him perfectly! Can’t wait to put the clothes on Athirah too!

To those wondering how small my lil’ darlings look like, here’s how small his baju looks like compared to the standard new born babies’ clothing.

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