3 nights of bEauty sleep – TRIPLETS plus ONE

3 nights of bEauty sleep

January 19, 2008

Fuhh… it was great to have pApa around for 3 days. I managed to get my beauty sleep at night. For 3 nights while pApa was around, I need not wake up in the middle of night to feed my babies, pApa did it for both of them. Whenever I felt sleepy, I straight away drop myself on the bed. I need not worry that bottles were not clean and sterilize yet cause it was all well taken care of. Even to bathe them twice a day was done by pApa…top of that whenever the pampers smells stinky, I just need to pass them to pApa and have them back in my arms already smelling good. Yup, all these has been pApa’s chores whenever his home. vEryyy nIceee!

Ohh..it was great 3 days! Well, in fact I treasured my nights sooo much that I actually slept early. Before 10pm I was already asleep. If i’m not mistaken I tuck in yesterday at about 9pm. That reminds me so much back in uni days where I claimed “Tido adalah nikmat dunia pertama”.

Well, now back to reality…pApa just left bout 30 mins ago and will only be back on Thursday. That’s 5 days just me and the babies (of coz my mom is around to help…well that is IF she doesn’t go out 😉 ). So hArith and athirAh, please be at your best of behaviour okay =)

Hmm…I think I wanna go to bed now. Gud nite people. ZzzZzzzZzzZzzzzz……

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  1. puterisatu:

    salam pekenalan =)

    baby i tido dlm cot..so mmg tepuk smpai die tido, x dpt lar nk telelap sblum die. lgpun dgn melalknye…mmg takkn dptnye tido dulu…hihih


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