All 3 down with flu – TRIPLETS plus ONE

All 3 down with flu

January 13, 2008

syauQi came back from work on Saturday night. I knew I was going to fall sick anytime soon, so I was looking forward to waking up late the next morning…to reenergize myself. Thought of getting pApa to take the early morning shift with the babies so I could extend my sleeping hours…but men I was wrong. He had planned to have his badminton session as early as 8am. So there goes my plan for waking up late. And I thought at least I would have the chance to have my morning nap at around 10:30 or so (was hoping by then pApa will be home)…but men I was wrong AGAIN. He proceeded to Kelana Jaya to buy the infamous Char Kuey Teow F.A.M. which I was told that he wanna tapau…but somehow it turn out to be breakfast with friends….so the supposedly to be breakfast ended rather late. He then had to drop by at his parent’s house to send the tapau kuey teow. By then my head was as heavy as a bowling ball size 9. Lucky thing it was a weekend, I got hAna to mandikan the babies. I could barely lift my head.

By the time syauQi arrived home, which was almost noon, I was just too tired that I couldn’t get myself to sleep. Have you ever experience such situation that you wayyy passed your tired zone till you not able to sleep. Since I failed to sleep, I decided to put aside hArith’s and athirAh’s outgrown baju so we could have more space in the drawers. By the time I finished with the clothes, I was already having a bowling ball size 13 on my head. I managed to force myself to sleep but only for about 10 minutes ir so, I was awaken by syauQi. We had to go to the hospital to do some family social obligation. My sis-in-law gave birth the day before, she was very supportive when I gave birth to my miracles babies, so it was only right for me to reciprocate her kindness.

After returning from the hospital, I straight away drop myself on the bed and finally had the chance to take a nap. It was about 1 1/2 hour nap. I woke up feeling very groggy and drowsy. Not too sure what was the size of bowling ball I was carrying at that time, I could barely lift my head. My brother woke me up, informing me that babies are crying and cranky. pApa somehow felt asleep besides the babies.

After a week without maid, lack of sleep and over used of energy to handle the babies, I now have runny nose and cough, same goes to my babies too. I’m not sure sape menyangkit sape. Maybe if I had reenergized myself that morning I could have prevented this drowsiness + cough + runny nose. Guess it’s a bit too late. pApa left for an early flight this morning, leaving me with the babies for the next. Well work can’t be avoided aight, someone has to work aight. so wish me luck with the babies. I guess it is just a matter of getting used to this newly routine without maid.

So meanwhile, hArith and athirAh no kissy kissy and less huggy huggy, we wouldnt want to worsen each other flu.

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  1. my God..
    i baca pun rase penat (this entry and the previous one). Good thing you’re not working (although sometimes that’s not too great either cos lets face it 24-7 jaga babies pun can be overwhelming).

    hope you’ll get help soon..hubby home or new good maid..either way, you take care babies need you healthy..


  2. mommyadam:
    exactly, jaga babies 24/7 can be overwhelming. especially bile ade 2kerenah nak kena layan. tu kekadang, when ppl asked me wat do i do and i said “housewife” they surely have in head i dok umah goyang kaki. well, i wish! hehehe

    neeza: yup, mmg tak ternilai…priceless. u turn will come soon =)


  3. i am a SAHM for these 2 months.. tu pon rasa xlarat nak layan yg sorang ni. hahaha. dalam keadaan sihat2 ni. kalo demam2 xtau la…

    take care muni!


  4. munirah, u kene tgk nnti bile both ur babies da start lasak mcm my twins skrg ni, lagi la x larat… mmg x de masa nk bukak paper, tgk tv & whateverthing yg blh relax.. asyik kene layan kejar dua2 (soarng ke utara, sorang ke selatan), sorang tarik kertas, sorang makan tisu.. fuh.. lagi pening & penat, mane nk kemas rumah lg, basuh baju, masak..huhu… kelam kabut gak la.. my hubby can only help me at nite & sunday!

    p/s: ur babies da masuk walker ke blum?? da start meniarap??


  5. Hai
    pengorbanan ibu tu satu hal, pengorbanan isteri tu is another.
    sabarnya u dengan husband,i kalau hubby pegi main sports, balik lambat n such n such i mesti naik minyak..hai banyak la dosa kat’s a good thing u bersabar.


  6. ibu-of-twins:
    mmg takleh nk bayangkn mcm mane nanti bile dua2 dh bleh merangkak and berjalan. nanti sorang jadi imam lagi sorang jadi ma’mum. sorang sepahkn menda, lagi sorang pun ikut sepahkn…heheh

    blum kasi gune walker. nak biar diorang tau merangkak. sekarang dari meniarap ke telentang dh bleh pusing sendiri. bile meniarap tengkuk mmg bleh angkat tinggi.

    from the readings i did, they say crawling is important for brain development. wallahu’alam. setakat ni plan nak biar tau merangkak dulu baru start beli walker


  7. mommy to be:
    kalau slalu sgt bebel kt suami, kang lagi die tak suke dok umah…susah pulak nanti. heheh

    takat mane bleh sabar, mmg akan cuba sabar. but from time to time tu, akan bersuara jugak lar, if over sgt.


  8. yay…triplets kee…so sweet…wat a challenging task..hihi…but i’m sure that you managed it well…

    saya jaga sorang pon kdg2 mcm nak nangis dibuatnya… anak tido lagi saya dah tertido dah hehe…


  9. lily safiyya:
    yup, i’m blessed with triplets but one return to Allah after we had her for 3 days. Al-hamdulillah the other 2 are doing well.

    taking care of 2 pun dh cam teterap rasenye, cant imagine myself if i were to take care of 3…


  10. salam kenal untuk munirah..dari akak pu3…salam sayang untuk your twin Harith & Athirah…

    Memang memenatkan…tapi ianya satu saat-saat yang cukup menyeronokkan tul tak munirah…? Saat-saat yang tak boleh kita beli dari mana-mana….


  11. ummi sa’eed:
    yup mmg i nk sgt maid. kay i email u. do tell me the details (i.e payment n all)
    thanks dear!!!

    hmm…bile dh penat sgt tu…tak pulak rase seronok…hihi


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