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Without maid, Without hubby

January 11, 2008

For the past 5 days without maid, i found a solution to make me less tired but the babies more tired…to bring them out. I’m not saying going out is not tiring for me but comparatively it is less tiring. At least they are both in the stroller and I just have to push it around. But of coz, from time to time athirAh will be crying asking to be carried. Previously she didn’t want to sit in her stroller AT ALL, but now showing great improvement.

But there’s a lot to do when getting ready to go out. Mcm nak pindah rumah angkut brg budak2 tu. Here’s the checklist:

  • Baby bag which consists of:
  1. 3 diapers each
  2. one change each
  3. hand towel to use during changing of diaper
  4. small towel each to use during feeding and burping (and for hArith who loves to play with his saliva)
  5. baby wipes
  6. changing mat
  7. hand sanitizer
  8. small plastic bag to dispose their pampers
  • 2 bottles of prepared milk for each
  • blanket/fleece each
  • muslin wrap (a less thicker blanket in case it’s not that cold)
  • soft toy each; Abu & Mawar (to keep them occupied while seating in the stroller)
  • stroller (im not consistent, which car do i use to go out each time, as a result i have to start transfering the stroller from one car to the other…very tiring!)
  • same goes for the car seats, fixing the car seats from one car to the other

Going to the malls, there are more things for the babies to see and scan around, the more they focus on the faster they get tired. Unlike at home, everything are the same things they see everyday. At home, hArith wants people to talk to him NON-STOP. It gets more tiring because he wants us to have various facial expression when we talk to him. Jenuh kena buat muka tekejut lar, muka bekerut, tesengeh…etc.

Despite having a twin stroller that is one side blue colour and the other pink…people passed by us and asked some rather obvious questions. The usual scenario would be like this:

public: twins ker?

me: yeah =)

public: girl ke boy?

me: a girl and a boy?

public: wahhh…lucky you! which one girl and which one boy?

*goshhh…isn’t it abit obvious that a boy sits in a blue colour seat and girl in pink colour seat?

And by the way, a lot couldn’t believe that i’m the mother to the babies…hehehhe. The other day i was unloading the stroller and all other stuffs from the car. A car parked beside us. He and his daughter(about 8 or 9 years) came towards us while my mom and i were placing hArith and athirAh in the stroller. And of cause we had the typical conversation like above but this time there was additional question. He looked at my mom and said: ” mak budak2 ye?” my mom with a big smile replied “eh, saya nenek…ni mak diorang (while pointing to me). And the men kept on and on commenting bout my petite size.

In another case, while doing some clothes shopping for the babies with my mom. The shop owner thought my mom is the mother to the babies and i’m “the auntie who is all over the babies”…hah, die ingat cam ni auntie yg teramat lar suke dgn budak2, tu pasal mak budak2 bawak me along to help jaga the babies.

Anyway, yesterday was the most hectic day ever (so far lar…hope it wouldnt get any worst than that). pApa wasn’t around and Pah was out with my bro to ikea. So i was all left alone to feed, bath and put both to sleep. So bedtime started early for athirAh, i started feeding her Garber sweet potato at 5:15pm, luckily hArith was behaving, playing by himself beside me. About 20 mins later, I bath athirAh and gave her milk in the room. While giving her the milk, i was telling her i can only afford to pat her back for 2 mins this time cause hArith is waiting for his turn to eat. So i said, “dear, you like it or not, you have to sleep within the two minutes I pat you, or else you have to put yourself to sleep.” Wow, good thing, she listened to me. So I continued feeding hArith. And by 7:30pm both were asleep. But gosh…my back was crying in pain. Coz i had too much of bending. I had to bend over to them while feeding them. And again bend when bathing them. And again, to pat their back in their cot I had to bend. I had wayyy tooo much of bending. Unfortunately my regular tukang urat has left for kelantan for a week. Ever since I was introduced to Makmah by dear friend Lana , i’ve been having like 2 to 3 urut session a week. My back needs it badly.

If pApa is around, i will feed one of the babies and he continues to bath and put one to sleep while I start feeding the other one. But for now, without maid, without hubby…they are all mine. pApa will be back tonite, but just for a day and will be away the very next day for 3 days, and be home for 2 days and away again for 4 days….oh mati lar saya…

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  1. he.. he.. diapers bag will be your handbag from now on when you go out with them. eventho my kids are 7 and 4, i still bring change, water bottle, titbits, sweet bun and whatever the bag permits.


  2. ummi sa’eed:
    very much interested dear!

    mmg, sume mende sumbat dlm diaper bag. nak rebeh bahu rasenye. and now i prefer to put some loose change dlm poket seluar, so tak payah susah2 korek cari purse dlm bag


  3. wah diana harus ikut ur way nie .. tak lama lagie hubby akan outstation gaks … so i’be alone here berdua dgn Adam jer .. kena uruskan sumer sendirik … hu..hu…


  4. wahhh mcm mana u manage bwk dorang keluar? hiih.. kalau i dgn hariz berdua pun rasa mcm nak cpt blk. hihi dah la dia berat. sometimes dia x nak duduk dlm stroller.

    oh u tak sangkut ke babybag kat stroller? i asingkan the bag with my handbag. so tak sakit bahu sgt. 😀

    p/s: tangkap la gambar outingg lain kali. hehe


  5. mummyhanis:

    usually if hubby not around i ajk my mom teman i. but even though my mom ade, takkan nk suruh my mom angkat stroller sume. so i do everything myself.

    athirah mmg tak suke dok stroller, skrang baru okay skit. if not…sebelah tgn dukung die, lg sebelah tolak stroller.

    i do sangkutkn baby bag to thestroller n handbag mmg asingkn. n most of the time i letak few duit notes dlm poket so senang nk bayar korek poket je takyah nk kena bukak purse and all.

    hmm, another thing. if kat parking lot tu, whoever nk take over my parking mmg lar die kena sabar. to buckle up two babies and keep all stuff in the car would take quite some time…hehehhe

    ill try to take photo, slalunye kabut2 with them, lupe nk amiq photo.


  6. mom2que:
    can2. leave me ur email n i’ll mail u her contact number.
    but the setback is u hv to send n fetch her. she’s staying at kota d’sara


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