First Day Without Maid – TRIPLETS plus ONE

First Day Without Maid

January 7, 2008

Last Friday, my maid (who been working wiz me for the past 4 months) drop the bomb…she wanted to stop. And she gave us 24hours notice. Her reason was, my old maid (which is the maid that belongs to my mom) kept bugging her asking her to do this and that. I didn’t take her words though. In fact I just found out like 3 weeks back that all these while, it was my old maid (kak ani) that did all the ironing for syauQi’s and my clothing. When I asked kak ani, why she did it, she said my maid didn’t have the time to iron, so since she see it piling up, she decided to iron it all…afterall for the past 8 years she been ironing my clothes.

Well, if that’s the case, I think my maid was over paid. I paid her salary just like any other maid, but comparatively to others she hardly had work to do. She only had to clean up my room unlike other maid who had to clean up the entire house, she NEVER cook (kak ani cooks)… she didn’t do the dishes (except my babies bottles), she didn’t need to follow my mom for marketing, well in short…she only needs to take care of my babies. Period. And it is not as though i’m working and she has to take care of the babies all by herself. I’m the one (or syauQi) who bath the babies and feed (solid food) the babies. She would help me give either one of the babies milk if my babies happen to demand for milk at the same time. Most of the time, I’m with my babies unless i want to bath or do my prayers. And only ocasionally I go out and leave the two babies behind (BUT kak ani would help her to take care one of the babies). When syauQi is around, the babies will be with us most of the time, where she ended up having her frequent morning, afternoon AND evening naps. On top of that, my babies sleep at 7pm, leaving her nothing to do after 7pm. Her eyes would be glued to the TV. (thus I told kak ani to let my laundry pile up, she had no excuse of not having the time to iron coz she can do it at nite).

And it seems that since she had to iron my laundry, she started complaining about the work loads. Isn’t it only fair for her to do my laundry instead of kak ani? Today, when she left the house, I asked kak ani wheater my maid complained anything to her? Believe or not…she actually complained that she had to take care of two babies. So all these while she had in mind that, she handle one baby and I should handle one. No doubt there are times, after she put one of the babies to sleep, I’ll pass her whoever that was awake so I could do my stuffs. Oh, apparently she told kak ani “saya sudah tidokan sorang, kasi lagi sorang pulak kat saya”….fuuuhhh byk shantek die, die ingat i bayar die gaji tuk jaga sorang je ke. Abis tu maid2 lain, kalau rumah tu ade 5 anak, bukan ke maid tu mmg kena jaga sume 5 anak, plus mengemas, membasuh dan memasak? Isn’t that the standard job scope of a maid? Oh sungguh ngada2 lar tat maid. I doubt it she can get any easier job at any other houses. Well, good luck to her!

So for now, I have two babies to handle 24/7. Of coz my mom would help me, but she still has lots of errands to do. Thus I can’t expect her to be home with me all the time. Lets just hope hubby won’t have any looong tripss..i think maximum of 4 days is the most i can handle…hehehe. The prob is that hArith doesn’t want to take any nap during the day. He expect attention all the time. The most he’ll take15 mins nap. Just enough time for me to take my bath and solat.

Actually I have a lot to update about hArith and athirAh, will need to find the time to do so. Among them are:

  • On hArith’s nap time
  • On storytime
  • On athirAh and car seats & stroller
  • On athirAh being choosy with foods
  • On playtime

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  1. nggeeeee….

    so OVERRRRR lar the maid. what’s in her mind actly? she’s hired as a household helper rite, bkn nanny utk one baby kn?

    aduuuuu. takut plak rs nk layan ni. hopefully my maid is like that k ani lah.


  2. it’ll get better insyaAllah 🙂 Nanti bila your babies dah more independent and can play on their own, you’ll get more time to do things…but you’ll definitely miss the time when you had to alllwaayss keep them company…

    anyways, i think u’re my senior masa kat smttdi ke skttdi tah..i think la, not sure. i was friends dgn mazianor sume tu..if u igt la.


  3. lyna:
    mmg over. ur maid nnti, right from the word “go” jgn ade work restriction. get her to do everything. sbb if later2 we tmbah their job scope, tu yg diorang jd berkira sgt. bleh pulak pilih ape die nk buat n taknk buat.
    mayb my maid got the wrong idea, mase athirAh br kuar hospital, i handle her most of the time and she handle hArith. ye lar mase tu athirAh very fragile, she was only 1.8kg, tu i jaga sendiri…tgk2 she got the msg that, she jaga hArith, i jaga athirAh. tu ended up bile athirAh dh besar, i pass kt die…die complain kena jaga 2 babies.


  4. ummi:
    i batch 1994 (darjah 6)…mayb if tgk muka kenal lar kot. name cepat lupe but faces sure familiar..=)


  5. wah itu maid sudah naik kpale!! bagos la dia berenti. get a better new one munirah. lega sket hati. cam i, since i dislike my shrek so much, i switch with my mom our maid’s tugas.. our old maid jaga baby and my new maid do the house errands. baru efficient sket. naseb baik maid i ni mulut x byk ckp sbb bos dia laGII byk beletiaq. haha.u take care dear.


  6. lana:
    mmg naek kepala itu maid!!! i paid her rm500 and she thought her job is to take care of one baby. period. mujuh lar die tak complain baju babies die kena basuh..

    so later, when u move to ur new home macam mane? shrek ke ur mom’s maid follow u to ur new home?


  7. hi munirah..
    Come across ur blog dah lama. i know u since SMDJ, i pun smdj gak tp ur senior stahun.Ur brother , Khairul pun pernah satu kelas dgn i dulu.. anyway i suka baca ur blog specially entry yg u ajar baby u tido awal tu, i now dalam process nak ajar my baby (9 mo) to sleep on time..Ya Allah!! tuhan jek yg tahu payahnya dia nak tido, kadang tuh kan i tgk mata dia dah half bukak pun still ada hati nak main lagi..pastu mulalah dia mamai, terhantuk sana sini..dah betol2 penat baru dia bumm..heheh..baguskan kalau train baby dari awal to sleep early, so theparents pun boleh spend quality time berdua..anyway take care munirah..


  8. hello there zetty,

    oh u r my senior in dj, if u were classmate with khairul before, that makes u my 2 years senior.

    bout putting baby to sleep early, it actually very much depends whether u r a working mom ke tak. coz if u r, i think babies tend to sleep later coz tat’s the only time they get to spend time wiz u. but even if u tak keja, tat’s the only time she gets to spend with her father. in my case, hubby either off days or overseas. so he gets to spend time with the babies during the day.

    but of coz u can still set a bedtime, just maybe not as early as mine. 930pm perhaps? u have to make a standard routine every single day. so later on she’ll get used to it that after certain particular activity (i.e feeding), lights are off so she has to go to sleep. it may take sometime to train. it took me about 2 – 3 weeks. even now pun, bukan lar letak je dlm cot automatically tido, kena gak dodoi2…nanges lar kuat mcm mane pun, i’ll continue dodoi and talk to them. explain to them it’s bedtime. must be very firm. never lift them. nanti they know they can get their way.

    but there’s disadvantage to it. nowadays if i lmbat skit start their bedtime routine, they get grumpy and cranky. so they are very much not flexible in that sense.

    nyway, good luck!


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