Passing baton – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Passing baton

January 22, 2008

Today was very hectic. I now know what other blogger meant when they wrote that they actually cry bile anak cry non-stop and all. Well it almost happened to me today but Tuk Ki was just in time to save the situation. If Tuk Ki were to come just a second later, he would surely see me crying. hArith was giving me a hard time. He wanted to be carried at all time. And mind you, i’m not allowed to sit. Gosh, carrying him around was just too tiring for me…saketnye blakang!!! Ngam2 hArith in a better mood….athirAh lak nanges. Macam passing baton lar pulak. At that moment mom wasn’t around to help me, and my dad masih jet lag from his London trip, so he needed some sleep. Thus leaving me with the two babies…and the babies chosed this particular day to be cranky.

Petang skit, i decided to bring them to OU…with the backache and all i thought i wanted to avoid carrying the stroller but it was better than staying at home. I got frustrated though at OU. With the Chinese New Year around the corner, they tend to have soooo many items to display, making all the aisle narrow. It was hard for me to pass through with my twin stroller. In fact, all malls have the same problem. Seriously, I really dont understand, even the babies/children departments have narrow aisle. Don’t they expect parents to come with the babies? So are we suppose to leave the stroller somewhere at the open space while we do some shopping? Hell no i’m going to do that with all the kidnapping cases.

Gosh, I’m just too tired. It’s only 8:26pm but i already feel like hitting the bed. Ohh, and something else just happened tonite, it sucks… well lets not get into it. I rather have my sleep. Gud nite people!

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  1. so kesiannya u left with 2 babies…
    i dgn sorang ni pun..really.. mmg i almost nangis everytime dia nangis. he could cry for almost 2 hours non stop if i dont come & dukung dia. mu hubby salu tegur jgn nak dukung2 lagi nanti i nak keje sian plak pengasuh kang nak dukung2. but x sampai hati tgk anak nangis2 mcm xcukup nafas.

    & looking at ur situation.. i think u lebih tabah even tho wif 2 babies 🙂

    take care!


  2. Lyna:
    hmm…nak kate tabah tu, ntah lar. since i choose to be a full-time i just have to bare with it lar kot.

    nway,my dad selalu kate, babies dont cry for no reason. so we just hv to keep on guessing why they cry.

    hArith jenis cepat boring. if i letak dkt play gym die, first few minutes he’ll be occupied with it pastu die nanges lar bile dh bosan. kasi toy lain, it lasted few mins gak…bile dukung pun camtu gak…if static je one place, die bosan ah. tu nanges. if bawak kuar die suke coz soo many new things to look around.

    hope u can figure out soon wat makes Hafiy upset. kasi susu pun taknk ek?


  3. susu done, pampers done, sleep done, paly done… he just wants to dukung2 all the time. oh this one i cannot do lah. have to do housechores, masak2 & nanti nak antar umah orang sape plak nak dukung dia.


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