Most used phrase of the day – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Most used phrase of the day

February 1, 2008
I miss out something about my aQiqah…the most used phrase of the day
“Lar, ini ke mak die…ingatkan yang itu”
(while pointing to my sister)
hehehe…people were suprised to see my size as a mother who gave birth to triplets. And I was a lil’ bit nottie…after they finished commenting on my size, only then would I break the news
“Oh, err, I got one more coming…end July”
and of coz the respond would be
“Huh?? You are pregnant?!?”
“Yup, I’m 3 months and a half”

*oh of coz Hanah wasn’t hAppy the fact that people think she was the mother to the babies. It seems that not only her size looks more appropriate to be called as the mother…but ppl say she looks more matured..hihi
hmm…meaning I look childish?
*I now weigh at 39.5kg =) -156cm…no i’m NOT on diet (oppss, matilar angkat bakul sendiri)

*arrghh, im having problem putting space in between the lines..dh tekan spacebar pun tak jalan

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  1. wah u so ringan!

    neway kurus2 mmg org salu igt ‘muda’. like my fren went to visit a Makcik with her Boss, the makcik asked the Boss “ni adik ke? SEKOLAH kat mana? TINGKATAN berapa?”

    hua hua hua. & she’s my age!


  2. lyna:
    hihi…if i bwk kuar my babies ngan my mom, people say my mom is the mother to the babies…gembira my mom.
    ppl guess it that way sbb cam tak logic im the mother…tu yg teka the babies’ nenek is the mother


  3. wah another one is coming soon .. Diana doakan kesihatan u ..ur twins yg comei itu … semoga makin bahagia & murah rezeki pas nie .. mmg comei giler tgk dorg berdua tu mandi dlm pool tu 😉


  4. i myself was less than 40 before 1st pregnancy. after 2 kids, i was 47. lepas no 3 ni tataulah. but i’m aiming at maybe 50kg! i’m gaining like 3kg a month now.. hemmm…


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