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My bAbies turn 1!

June 9, 2008

Nope, there wasn’t any birthdAy bash. pApa said they are too young to appreciate it. But we did send a birthdAy cake to the nurses and doctors that help to nurse them during their critical stage. All nurses were so hAppy to see them. Everyone started to take out their phone to take shots of my bAbies.
While in the Special Care Nursery (SCN) I took the opportunity to peep at other babies. Oh…how small they were. Find it hard to believe that my bAbies were once that small too and now have grown well and healthy. I thank Allah for this precious gift. And because of that, instead of doing a birthdAy bash we decided to do kenduri doa selamat at Rumah Anak Yatim Pinggir Taman Tun.
Oh in case you are wondering how the cake looks like…here it is…tadaaaaaa.

And we also wanted to capture photos of our babies being 1 year old. But gosh, it was sooo difficult to get both of them in the right position. We wanted them to hold the sign “WE ARE 1” but it was just impossible. The paper ended up crumple and almost torn. So the only solution was this….
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  1. wahhh happy 1st birthday baby harith and athirah. nway how did u get their printed pictures on the cake?


  2. happy birthday darling harith & athirah! the sign on their backs is hilarious and the cake looks yummy


  3. hArith n athirAh “Thanx 4 b’day wishes aunties!”

    did the cake at

    tu lah, pejam celik, pejam celik..dh pun setahun

    tat was the only way to get the sign on them. nk suruh pegang mmg giler impossible lar kn. hancus ketas tu

    nak amiq gambar both of them, kena besilat..hihi

    tgh mood baik mmg rase chomel. bile time grumpy hilang segala chomel..hihi


  4. mommy adam:
    mane nk beli transfer paper? any computer shop ek?
    and tolong lah saya yg buta IT ini…where do i go to nak cari option for mirror image?
    thinking of doing the WE ARE 1! on their baju..hopefully senang skit amiq gambar since it doesn’t involve any holding of papers..hihi


  5. terlambat pula..
    tahniah dah setahun dan membesar dengan sihat…
    my daughter fatimah amani..17th Jun ni..
    rasa terharu pula melihat harith n athirah membesar mengenangkan apa yang dilalui munirah sekeluarga..

    Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki n ceria selalu..jadi abg n kakak yang baik…

    BARAKALLAHU alaikum…


  6. rafiza:
    thanks for the bday wish and dua’.

    mmg if kenangkn balik what babies went through, rase bersyukur sangat2 that they are now growing well and healthy, al-hamdulillah


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